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  1. If you own or manage an automotive dealership, then selling automobiles is likely only part of your business. The other side of your business is dedicated to keeping those vehicles running and looking great for your customers. This aspect of auto sales helps maintain customer relationships, create repeat business, and generates word-of-mouth advertising—that is, if

  2. Your reinforcements are starting to come in, bringing relief to your morning crew. Or maybe you know the lunch rush is coming? You probably do what a lot of restaurant managers or owners do: huddle up the team for a pep talk or info sharing. And as you may or may not know, restaurant mystery

  3. As a smart restaurant owner, you understand the correlation between higher tips and a prosperous business. Higher tips likely mean good service. Good service likely translates to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth advertising, and overall increased sales. That can lead back to more tips. So where does mystery shopping come in to play with all this?

  4. You don’t want mystery shopping to be perceived by your employees as “me versus them” but rather “all for one and one for all.” Mystery shopping should be about how you and your employees can keep improving the product, the service, and the customer’s experience as a team. Find out how you can use mystery

  5. Understanding your customers’ experiences should always be of the utmost importance to any business. And, for a small business, continued growth is only aided by positive customer experiences. With video mystery shopping, not only are you able to see first-hand what the customer sees, but also you get actionable data you can use to further

  6.   Mystery shoppers have been around for decades. You probably even know one or two people who have participated in mystery shopping. They visit a store assuming the role of a normal customer and then report, using a survey all about their experience. And video mystery shopping is just another alternative. With that being said,

  7. Most mystery shopping data is compiled into a big database where numbers are analyzed to determine metrics and ratings. While this universal standard is still an excellent way for mystery shopping data collection, what if there was another way? What if there was a way to see everything from the atmosphere, to the exterior and

  8.   Using a traditional model of surveying customers leaves a lot of room for recall error. Typically, a customer is given a survey and then asked to write up a report that is due hours or even days later.  So often we hear from retailers, restaurants, and other service industries struggling to obtain accurate data


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