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  1.   Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to make sure your staff is doing all they can to increase sales? Let’s look at three ways you can increase sales and how mystery shopping can ensure these sales-boosting methods are being implemented properly in your retail business. Customers Love A Deal – Be

  2.   With the ubiquity of smartphones, omnichannel marketing and sales have never been more important in the automotive industry. Whether your potential customer is in the market for a new vehicle or a rental, a smog check or a catalytic converter replacement, most customers will go to the Web on their smartphone in search of

  3. Reality Based Group offers a comprehensive variety of solutions for analyzing your business’s performance and effectiveness. From multiple mystery shopping options to field audits, training, customer surveys, and more, RBG has a tool for seeing beyond the symptoms to diagnose the root problem in your company’s client-facing operations. Of course, your company’s challenges and industry

  4.   While the front of house (FOH) might be the face of your restaurant, you know the interaction between the front and back of house (BOH) is crucial in providing a great customer experience. You also know all too well, the variety of issues that could lead to a breakdown between FOH and BOH. The

  5.   At this point, no one should need convincing that online shopping is more popular than ever. While brick-and-mortars likely aren’t going away anytime soon, a dramatic shift in how people purchase products and services has already occurred. A recent article reported that global online retail sales is estimated to reach 8.8% of total retail

  6. Whether your focus is on a push toward up-selling oil change customers to a more costly synthetic, a rebate for clients who purchase the premium set of tires, or convincing a shopper to opt for that new car over a pre-owned vehicle, converting sales requires more than just a good idea. If you are going

  7. Have you ever considered the potential value of a customer over the lifetime of their relationship with your restaurant? Yes, customers are people first, not just dollar signs. But you operate one of the most challenging types of businesses—a restaurant, and every restaurant needs to turn a profit to see long-term success. That’s why knowing

  8. Whether simply emphasizing great customer service or promoting discounts and coupons, you have resources dedicated to driving sales in your retail business. That’s because sales are the life blood of your business. While there are many ways to attract customers and increase sales , one method that many retailers are not aware of is video mystery


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 March 10, 2022

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 May 17, 2021

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