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One of my absolute favorite Mystery shopping companies

“One of my absolute favorite Mystery shopping companies I work with is Reality Based Group-and I work with several! RBG has some great client opportunities, and they all seem very thorough, yet focused and also patient, if necessary.

I find RBG postings and information to be solid and easy to follow- I do not have to dig for information. They usually book far enough in advance that there is room to schedule, and plan. The details are always clear, and clarification is general only an email away, although not often needed. They know I have other commitments, and they have always been respectful and accommodating to my schedule. They are excellent communicators.

The editors are also very communicative, and in this business that can be hard to find. I have enjoyed the last few years of working with RBG and I am so devoted, I feel bad when I cannot help my schedulers with a shop they need covered (e.g. if I am booked out of town, or if I am out of rotation).

I am happy to work with RGB and I consider them to be one of my favorite Companies in which I work and with which I consult.”

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