Property Management/Apartment Mystery Shopping

Property Management/Apartment Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

Whether it’s a house, a townhouse, a condo, an apartment or even a houseboat, there’s nothing like making where you lay your head feel like a home. If you work in the property management industry, you provide the dwelling your tenants turn into a home. So if home really is where the heart is you know you provide something pretty special. With the help of a partner like Reality Based Group you can ensure the customer experience that potential and current tenants receive from you is just as special. We have been providing property management and apartment mystery shopping for more than twenty years and know a thing or two about delighting customers, retaining customers and increasing revenue. Our closed-loop process is designed to promote continuous improvement so you know your goals are consistently being met. Make potential tenants want to call your property home and current tenants proud to call it home with RBG’s apartment mystery shopping services.

Property Management/Apartment Mystery Shopping Insights & Solutions

RBG offers a variety of solutions to help you reach your goals. From property management & apartment video mystery shopping to customer satisfaction surveys, you can be confident you’re in good hands. Further, RBG’s solutions can be combined as necessary or desired to guarantee you gain the insights you need.

    • GameFilm® – Video Mystery Shopping
      Look no further than GameFilm®, the original video mystery shopping solution as invented by our founder, when you want to eliminate subjectivity and see exactly how you’re performing.
    • Mystery Shopping Plus – Written Mystery Shopping
      Our scorecard design is founded on asking the right questions to improve the bottom line. Accompanied with the best apartment mystery shoppers in the business and you can’t go wrong.
    • Real Calls™ – Phone Mystery Shopping
      A phone call can often be the first interaction a potential tenant has with you, Real Calls™ lets you to evaluate phone interactions to make sure those interactions are quality.
    • Real Feedback™
      With RBG, customer satisfaction surveys let you look at the subjective experience of your customers while keeping objective results in mind.

Why Choose RBG over other Property Management/Apartment Mystery Shopping Companies?

RBG takes property management and apartment leasing mystery shopping to the next level with our unique, tailored program designs that take into account your specific needs and goals. This isn’t one size fits all, this is one size fits you. Throw in expert scorecard design, a focus on training and coaching employees towards improvement and qualified mystery shoppers and you’ve got a winning combination you cannot find elsewhere. Work with the best by partnering with RBG.

We know the customer experience like the back of our hand and we work towards evolving it every day. Competition within the property management industry is fierce; however, with RBG you’ve got an ally who can give you the leg up you need to gain new tenants and keep the current tenants singing your praises which ensures that your bottom line goes up!

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