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Looking for mystery shopping opportunities?

If so, RBG has a solution for you. We conduct both written and video mystery shops throughout the United States and Canada and we are constantly growing. RBG prides itself on recruiting and retaining the best shoppers: those that have fantastic grammar and writing skills, and the highest of ethical standards. So if this sounds like you, please keep reading.

As the founders of video mystery shopping, we are among the best out of the top secret shopping companies in the industry. We are constantly being recognized for industry excellence and we are rated A+ with the BBB. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials from our wonderful secret shoppers. If you are interested in learning more, then check out our shopping with RBG page to get to know us a little better.

Our ideal mystery shopper

We are always looking for new secret shoppers to join our wonderful team. If the following sounds like you, then we want you to join our team!

  • You love being a consumer
  • You have a positive attitude
  • You want to contribute to the evolution of customer experience
  • You are always polite to service representatives
  • You remain observant at all times
  • You have strong time management skills and are always punctual
  • You are always motivated and have a passion for success
  • You take pride in your work and you strive for continuous improvement
  • You are articulate and have strong English writing skills
Our ideal auditor

If you have the above qualities as a mystery shopper and would like to take your earnings one step further, consider becoming an Auditor with RBG.

  • You can contribute more time than required for a typical mystery shop
  • You can commit to weekly assignments and meet tight deadlines
  • You are detail oriented and meticulous in your work and take pride in a job well done
  • You have access Microsoft Excel and are comfortable using to complete assignments
  • You have reliable transportation and a flexible schedule
Still unsure?

Not sure if mystery shopping with RBG is right for you? Check out our mystery shopper FAQ page to learn more about the process. If you would like to sign up for a new account on the Reality Based Group (formerly GameFilm Consultants) online system, or if you’re not sure if you have an account on our online system, please enter your email account below and we will search to see if you have an account (only one account per email address). If you are interested in becoming a video mystery shopper please visit our video scout page.

We look forward to working with you!

Shopping Types



We take your program and scorecard design seriously. We apply our best practices combined with your unique goals and objectives to build your program to generate ROI. We utilize our smarter solutions to make sure your needs are being fulfilled by programs and scorecards constructed to focus on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors.



Encompassing many data collection methods, RBG can evaluate your business a number of ways. Whether it’s video mystery shopping or a pricing audit, RBG has access to the most qualified shopper database and trained professionals in the industry so you can count on the data you’re using for evaluation.



Next, take a look at how you’re performing on the measurements highlighted in your program and scorecard design so you know how you’re meeting your goals. Use customized reports to easily identify areas for improvement and to set progressive objectives. Additionally, our online dashboard provides 24/7 access, real-time notification, and a suite of other tools.



Effective training delivery is just as important as accurate data, and it’s during the coaching phase that we equip you with your customized experience improvement game plan. For us, it’s all about the ability to take action and coach to improve with the data.


is #1

We work with the best companies and the best people work with us

As pioneers in the Customer Experience industry, our methods, technology innovations and data have become the gold standard. But more importantly, we deliver real results and real ROI for our clients. Our client list and track record for their success speaks for itself.

But we are not ones to rest on our laurels. We are always optimizing, reinventing and asking the tough questions to give us the most accurate, most actionable data for our clients. We call it Undefeated CX – customer experience that out-thinks, out-hustles and out-performs the competition.

A key component of our success is our shoppers. We believe excellence attracts excellence. That’s why we make a commitment to providing industry leading training combined with the opportunity to perform as many shops per month as desired and we pay on time. We take care of our shoppers so they deliver for our clients.

Who We Serve

Restaurants and Bars

As a restaurant owner or manager, you strive to provide impeccable service. But how do you know if your guests are really experiencing the best?

Learn More

With over twenty years of experience perfecting the customer experience, we can improve your automotive business.

Learn More

There are many great ways to get your customers in the door, but how do you keep them coming back? How do you build customer loyalty?

Learn More
Convenience Stores

Customers are spending and they are looking for an experience that is: fast, safe, and clean. Ensuring the customer experience is as easy and positive as possible helps you drive revenue and increase profit.

Learn More

We can help you turn an average trip to the supermarket into something that will convert your customers into loyal, repeat shoppers.

Learn More

With more than twenty years of experience in home building mystery shopping, we are experts at helping you improve your customer experience.

Learn More

Hotel mystery shopping is still the number one way to shed light on the improvements your company needs to make to compete in such a tough industry.

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Higher Education

Ever wonder what prospective students experience during the admissions process or visit to your school? With Mystery Shopping, you can see firsthand and get unfiltered feedback to make critical changes.

Learn More

We know you want your customers’ banking experience to be a great one. Here at Reality Based Group™, we utilize GameFilm® technology to improve your processes and boost customer service.

Learn More

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