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Who We Are

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For over 25 years, we’ve been obsessed with helping our clients reimagine their CX.

Data that’s based in

Josh Stern


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Renee DeSantis

Executive Vice President

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Bruce Dixon

Vice President of IT

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Hector Aguilar

Vice President of Finance

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Amy Zintl

Vice President, Customer Experience

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Chris Davis

Vice President of Operations

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Veronica Strother

Director of Operations

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Jake Dancy

Director of Customer Success

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Brian Rothschild

Director of Sales

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Monique Sadick

Director of Marketing & Corporate Strategy

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Reality Based Group is our name, but we also answer to RBG. We were founded and remain in reality. We exist to give you the reality of your business. The bottom linewe don’t tell you what you want to hear.

We show you what you need to see.


Our Story

Helping clients win since ‘92

Helping clients win since ‘92


Our story isn’t about us. It’s about the lasting ROI and value we create for our clients. Brands from the top industries on the planet come to RBG because we deliver the truth. How? It starts with our expertise. Our leadership and experience in the category is unmatched.

We invest heavily in technology solutions like Virtual Reality, GameFilm®, Research and Analytics and customized training programs to give you an invaluable advantage in the marketplace as well as unprecedented insight into your customers and company.

We match that technology with our people. You are assigned a service team and one point of contact who is dedicated to you. We’re in the business of customer service and you will feel that dedication throughout the process.  All along the way, you will also have access to coaches, guides, videos, playbooks, game plans and 24/7 access to our online dashboard.

We are obsessed with your success and delivering long lasting ROI. We wouldn’t be a leader in the category if we weren’t.

The nation was vexed by a stubborn recession and gearing up for a historic presidential election. Like the rest of the nation, Houston felt the impact of the recession and a full recovery would prove to be a challenge. When the national recession occurred, the city was already struggling from the 1980s energy crisis. What was once a booming western oil town, was now in a fight for its economic survival.

As unemployment continued to rise, tens of thousands of people began fleeing the city, leaving behind rows of abandoned buildings, a surplus of vacant property, and a memory of what once was.

As for RBG’s founder, Joe Woskow, he had problems of his own. As an aspiring business man in his 20s, Joe was eager to succeed. When he landed a job at an apartment complex as the property manager, he started carving out a strategy to take the business to the next level. To Joe’s delight, everything seemed to be working in his favor. Tenant satisfaction was increasing, and the quality of guest interactions was better than ever. These traits would soon evolve into the customer experience RBG is now known for today.

Your Partner in CX

Your Partner in CX


You are not a client. You are our partner. We are as invested in the success of your company as we are invested in our success. As a good partner, we jump in with both feet, ask tough questions and question the answers. We have a saying at RBGwe don’t measure twice and cut once. We never stop measuring and cutting until we have the most effective and efficient solution. That’s what a partner does and no one does it better than us.


Our Purpose

Our Purpose


Evolving The Customer Experience

The customer and retail experience is constantly evolving. It’s not enough to keep up with it. You need to stay ahead of it. We are constantly pioneering new ways to measure and improve your CX to keep you ahead of the trends and the competition.

Measuring, Evaluating & Improving

Data that can’t be measured or made actionable is useless. We don’t operate off of assumptions or theories. We capture data in real-world scenarios and then customize an actionable plan that can be measured and optimized.

Our Bottom Line is Yours

We wouldn’t be in business after 25 years if we didn’t deliver lasting ROI for our clients. Our success is directly tied to your success and that’s why we heavily invest ourselves in every relationship.

Our Why


To deliver ‘reality-based’ continuous improvement programs that create world-class customer experiences.


To be the first thought every best-in-class company leader has when thinking how to improve their customers' experience.


  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Winning

Our Brands

Florida based mystery shopping company with over 4 decades of experience in a variety of industries. SCI and their team were acquired by RBG in December 2016.

Minneapolis-based restaurant and hospitality-focused company with over 20 years in business. Acquired by RBG in 2018.

Based in Cincinnati, a National Business Consulting Firm provides retail, financial institutions, grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants a direct insight into their customer experiences. Acquired by RBG in 2021.

This award-winning brand delivers compliance auditing, mystery shopping, and training solutions to improve admissions and staff performance for the Higher Education industry. Services include Mystery Shopping, Enroll Match® Admissions, Training, and My Guidance Coach® Software. Acquired by RBG in 2022.

Michigan based mystery shopping company partnering with businesses to improve their customer experience for over 25 years.  Acquired by RBG in 2022.

Undefeated CX



We ask the right questions to identify the right problems. In our experience, most companies ask the wrong questions. Wrong questions lead to bad data. Bad data is a waste of your time and money.



We’re methodical about designing solutions to evaluate your unique goals and objectives. Scorecards are specifically constructed to focus on measurable, revenue-driving behaviors that result in data that is actionable.



Customized reports show what data has been collected and analyze areas for improvement. This provides an opportunity to set realistic goals with progressive objectives. Additionally, our online dashboard provides 24/7 access, real-time notification, and a suite of other tools.



Effective training is just as important as accurate data, and it’s during the coaching phase that we equip you with your customized experience improvement game plan and coach's guide. We coach to the behaviors that matter mostrevenue-driving behaviors or customer retaining behaviors, and train to it.


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