Where VR meets CX

Virtual Reality Training is a cutting edge, first-person, interactive program that gamifies customer service training for you and your employees, giving you an invaluable advantage.

VRT places you directly within the in-store experience and through a choose your own adventure style game, coaches you through the entire customer journey. You see what your employees see. You hear what your employees hear.


VRT is next level training that takes your employees through the entire customer journey. Whether on mobile or via a headset, we introduce custom prompts along the way, giving your employees the opportunity to make right and wrong decisions, even correcting them if the wrong prompt is selected. In the real world, mistakes can cost you customers. In the virtual world, mistakes become invaluable learning opportunities. Our VR training tool is light years ahead of traditional training methods and is far more effective. It reduces training costs by 40% and increases employee performance by 230%. This is training your employees will actually be excited about.


At RBG, we exist to give our clients every advantage when it comes to customer service, training and building a next level CX. Our VR training tool is the embodiment of that advantage. This is not a one-size fits all solution. We can customize the entire experience based on your pain points and turn any perceived weakness into a strength. And due to the gamified nature of the experience, VRT keeps your employees engaged from start to finish. If you want a first person POV of what winning looks like, we’re ready to show you the future.

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