Know the competition so you can beat the competition.

Understanding how your stores are performing is essential - but it’s only half of the equation.

Understanding how business is performing is essential—but it’s only half of the equation. In order to have a real competitive advantage, you must first know your competition. After that—nothing will keep you better informed about your competitor’s behaviors and prices than our competitive web and retail analysis program.



What are your competitors doing to stay ahead of you?

How are they performing compared to your store?

What they are offering that you aren’t?

How does their customer service compare to yours?


The answers to these questions will give you valuable insights but insights without action is useless. Our competitive audits offer complete customized solutions to gather crucial information about your competitors and then an action plan to capitalize to help grow your business and stay ahead of your competition.


Mystery Shopping Audits

Our data-driven competitive retail audits will give you the clearest picture of your competitor’s behaviors, pricing models, online incentives, loyalty programs, in-store layout and customer experience. We send in highly skilled mystery shoppers trained by RBG. so you can see firsthand how your business stacks up to the competition.


Pricing Audits

The only constant in business is change. We know your competitors are constantly evolving their offerings and prices and it’s crucial to be current on that data. That’s why we created Real Check - proven competitor price and product analysis solutions that range from completely customized, full-store scrapes to no-fuss weekly data feeds sent directly to your inbox. When we deliver a smarter analysis of your competitors’ offerings you’re not just getting a load of data, but receiving the meaningful insight you need to make better and strategic decisions for your store. Our experienced team of auditors are ready to go anywhere to gather accurate pricing and product information from your brick-and-mortar competitors, helping you always stay one step ahead.


Customized Internal Audits

Our internal audit programs can be conducted with unprecedented customization and creativity in the development of the scripting, approach and engagement from our evaluators. Our customized audits will not only allow you to capture and collect your data more easily, our highly trained auditors use the latest in both audio and video capture technology to give you data that is actionable.


Social Media Monitoring 

Word of mouth can be the most effective and most damaging aspect to your customer experience and bottom line. Knowing what your customers are saying on social media is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. Our social media monitoring programs scrape relevant digital and social platforms to get a real-time pulse on your CX and an action plan to use that data to make necessary improvements or double down on what’s working.

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