Training doesn’t have to be boring.

The problem with traditional training methods is that they aren’t designed for the target audience - your employees

So we flipped the script and gamified the training programs so your employees are engaged, focused and entertained. Gamified training has a proven track record of successincreasing employee performance by 230% and reducing training costs by 30%. The coaching programs at RBG. are just as inventive and engaging, with 1-on-1 live coaching sessions as well as digital coaching sessions to guide you through step by step of our process.

Gamified Training

We create customized training programs focused on one thing—results. Gamified Training reinvents the typically boring training process with an engaging, game design to keep your employees engaged, interested, and entertained. The goal of training shouldn’t just be retention, it should be engagement and the ability for your employees to put that training into action to drive your business and improve the customer experience.

Coaches Guide and Gameplan

Training and coaching is part of every program we offer at RBG. And any solution - from a video mystery shop to a customer survey, can be used with RBG’s proprietary GamePlan & Coach’s Guide. The Coach’s Guide walks the coach step by step through facilitating a coaching session and GamePlan is the documentation and accountability piece of that coaching session. By making coaching and training an integral part of any program we design we take it into account through each stage of our closed loop system. GamePlan & Coach’s Guide can be customized to fit your company’s culture, but the basic design is to get your team talking about the behaviors that matter most – revenue-driving behaviors or customer retaining behaviors.

In-Person Live Coaching

Our team of CX experts are highly effective in 1 on 1 live coaching sessions and can prove to be an invaluable resource to your managers and employees. And no one is better than taking the data and customizing a coaching plan with tangible, actionable steps to improve employee performance.

Digital Live Coaching
Knowing that in-person coaching isn’t always an option, we have become experts at taking the in-person coaching program and perfecting it in a digital environment. Digital Live Coaching gives you all the benefits and tools of live coaching but with the flexibility of location and schedule.

GameFilm Recorded Video Training

When professional athletes want to optimize their performance, they study game film. When businesses want to optimize their CX performance, they watch GameFilm for Business. Because seeing is believing. With GameFilm for Business, you see exactly what your customer sees and experience exactly what your customer experiences. No other tool is more valuable for business owners to improve their customer experience by coaching to objective and quantitative results. We pioneered it. We evolved it. We’re the best partner to implement it for your business.

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