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Film doesn’t lie. As the pioneers of mystery video shopping, we know the power of video. With GameFilm® for Business, your company is provided with video powered by customer perspectives in order to better data and in turn, better CX.  

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Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping programs allow you access to simple, objective observations of your staff and operations—through the lens of professional, undercover shoppers. We have highly effective and customized video, online, written, and phone programs specifically curated for your specific CX needs.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Training is a cutting-edge, first-person, interactive program that gamifies customer service training for you while giving your team an invaluable advantage. Acting as more than just a training toolVRT can provide an experiential experience transporting anyone into your retail space.

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Understanding how business is performing is essential—but it’s only half of the equation. In order to have a real competitive advantage, you must first know your competition. After that—nothing will keep you better informed than our competitive web and retail analysis program when it comes to your competitor’s behaviors and prices

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We create customized training programs focused on one thingresults. Gamified Training reinvents the typically boring training process with an engaging, game design to keep your employees engaged, interested, and entertained. Our coaching programs at RBG are just as inventive and engagingwith 1 on 1 live coaching sessions, as well as digital coaching sessions to walk you through each step of our process.


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