Film doesn’t lie. It also provides the best data.

When professional athletes want to optimize their performance, they study game film.

When businesses want to optimize their CX performance, they watch GameFilm® for Business. Because seeing is believing. With GameFilm® for Business, you see exactly what your customer sees and experience exactly what your customer experiences. No other tool is more valuable for business owners to improve their customer experience by coaching to objective and quantitative results. We pioneered it. We evolved it. We’re the best partner to implement it for your business.

Data Speaks Louder Than Words

In some cases, the best research is hands on research. GameFilm® for Business  provides simple, objective observations of your staff and operations through the eyes of professional, undercover shoppers. When mystery shoppers go on assignment to your store, they analyze everything from your customers’ point of view, site condition to greeting, service, knowledge and parting comments. The data is real. It’s indisputable. It’s everything you need to coach your team to improve your CX.

Why Companies Love GameFilm® for Business:

100% Relevant and Actionable Data

What’s captured on our film is always 100% accurate and our data provides you with direct insight into the customer experience as it unfolds, allowing you to take the necessary action to solve problems and see results quickly.

Customized Scorecard Design

  • Our scorecard is tailored specifically to your customer service objectives so you can focus on making the critical improvements you need to get the results you require.

Customized Coaching Playbook

  • Every team requires a different approach to coaching and with our personalized playbook you can provide the right coaching in order to make the necessary improvements to improve your customer service.

24/7 Online Access to View Film on Executive Dashboard

  • Get access to your team recordings at any time of the day and from any location with your GameFilm® dashboard’s online streaming capabilities for desktop and mobile.

Customizable Reporting and Statistics

  • Easily measure your team’s results with your personalized dashboard. Get access to the necessary reporting and statistics you need to make critical improvements.

Results Delivered Alongside all RBG. Products

  • Easily access your GameFilm® results conveniently integrated alongside any of your other Reality Based Group products in your dashboard.

Dedicated Account Team

  • Get the information and support you require with your very own account team dedicated to your success.

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