Our Purpose

More than a mystery shopping provider, RBG is your customer experience partner.

Does your business rely on a customer interaction—either in-person or on the phone—at more than one location? If so, are you familiar with the current state of your customer experience, and how that experience is affecting your bottom line—for better or worse? If you were to discover that you were losing revenue because your frontline employees were delivering a less-than-optimal experience, would you know how to fix it?

Reality Based Group: Evolving Customer Experience

Welcome to RBG, the world’s leader in video mystery shopping. Founded in 1992 in beautiful Austin, Texas, RBG has made a name for itself helping to improve the customer experiences of some of the nation’s most recognizable brands. As one of the four founding members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, we’re one of the historically influential players in the mystery shopping game. Our reach is international and volume is our expertise.

Measuring, Evaluating, and Improving Customer Experiences

Reality Based Group started life as GameFilm®, the world’s original video mystery shopping company. At the time, there really wasn’t anything else like the service we provided. And our purpose then was the same as it is now: to positively impact the customer experiences of the world’s leading brands in a meaningful way. It’s a purpose that’s driven us to hone our process over more than twenty years in business, and it’s the very reason we get up and moving every morning.

Our bottom line is yours.

You can measure the effectiveness of our customer experience improvement programs in a number of ways: customer conversions, retention, and customer returns. And while these metrics make for great reports, in our eyes, there’s only one that really matters: the bottom line. That’s why revenue growth is the most important measure when it comes to grading our program, and it’s the one we stand behind.


 A Little About Who We Are
  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Location of Corporate Headquarters: Austin, Texas
  • No. of mystery shoppers: 320,000+
  • No. of Clients Served: 2,000+
  • No. of Mystery Shops Completed: 2,000,000+
  • We invented video mystery shopping with GameFilm
  • We were 1 of the 4 founding members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association
  • Our Leadership:
      • CEO: Josh Stern
      • EVP of Operations: Renee DeSantis

Interested in learning a little more about our process? Or are you looking to see how we’ve helped improve the customer experiences of businesses just like yours? Don’t wait, get in touch with us, and see how Reality Based Group can go to work for you today.

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