Partnering with RBG

Trusted Partner

Our approach to providing any service begins with listening and understanding your business and goals. We have to start with the end in mind when building any program so that we can ensure we know what success will look like.

A Passion for Excellence

While RBG utilizes mystery shopping as a tool, we extend well beyond a typical third party evaluation company. We firmly believe in a holistic approach to understanding what’s “really happening” on the front lines of our partner’s business.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and non-negotiable promise to deliver believable, accurate and actionable results. As stated, this starts with uncovering our partner’s needs, but more than that, anticipating needs not yet known, as well as providing strategic insights that leverage our 23 years in business.

A Clear Vision 

We believe that the customer’s experience needs to be understood from multiple points of view:

A)    Objective, third-party opinion
B)    Subjective actual customer opinion and
C)    Internal employee opinion

One Exceptional Experience

Our programs are designed to take into account all of these perspectives and enable our customers to drive continuous improvement on the front line so that loyal customers remain loyal and new customers have a memorable experience.

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