RBG Difference

A lot of companies mystery shop. RBG’s programs evaluate customer experiences and build customer loyalty.

When we started over twenty years ago as GameFilm®, we did so with the belief that a video-based or “reality”-based approach to secret shopping would lead to better, more actionable experience insights. As it turns out, we were dead on. Now, we’ve brought that kind of innovative thinking to every solution we offer, making for smarter, more accurate data upon which to formulate a better customer experience program.

Our Solutions

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?  

Our reality based approach and the results it delivers differentiate us. But even beyond that, it’s about program design. It’s not about only collecting the data, it’s also about the ability to take action and make improvements in your business that will help grow top and bottom line. Our experience in creating programs that generate real results is proven. There are a lot of companies that can collect the data, and many that can help ID opportunities, but very few if any that provide guidance on how to capitalize on those opportunities and make a measurable difference. We do this with our best practice survey design, our customized cadence structure, and proprietary GamePlan Coach’s Guide that allow a mystery shop to become a coaching and training session. It provides the action to the collected data, and teaches front line managers how to have meaningful conversations about the behaviors that drive your business.

Further, we have been in business for 23 years and have provided valuable insights to some of the most respected brands in the world. Our founder pioneered video mystery shopping and RBG has been evaluating sales and service interactions for two decades.  We pride ourselves on our strategic and collaborative guidance throughout the program. We also recommend and conduct quarterly onsite review meetings with our clients.  This is meaningful, hands-on access that will ensure alignment and success of your program.

Skilled mystery shoppers, Objective Methods

Through hundreds of thousands of hours spent aggregating data through our secret shopping programs, Reality Based Group has formulated a better way of evaluating customer experiences. Where many mystery shopping companies ask their evaluators vague and subjective questions about their experiences, we know better. Our process was built around measuring objective data and trainable actionable and revenue driving behaviors.

In addition, RBG is more selective with the secret shoppers that it deploys. As a founding member of the MSPA, we are uniquely positioned with access to all top certified shoppers. These are professionals that have undergone classroom and web-based training aimed at turning them into more reactive, observable secret shoppers.

Superior Processes, Superior Personnel

From the head-of-class, reality-trained shoppers we deploy through Mystery Shopping Plus, to our highly-trained GameFilm video mystery shoppers, we establish the industry standard in quality. Compared to conventional secret shopping companies, there just isn’t a comparison.

In addition to GameFilm, we’ve expanded our service offerings beyond video mystery shopping in an effort to truly become your customer experience partner. We employ several other proprietary solutions, like Mystery Shopping Plus, Real Feedback, Real Check, and In The Huddle. Equipped with these solutions, we set out to accurately measure the most important parts of your customer experience—the parts that are helping, or hindering, your business. Are your employees asking questions to truly understand customers’ needs? Are they treating customers in a way that inspires repeat business? Are they maximizing the potential of every single customer interaction?


Insights Into Action

Not only is the way we measure customer experiences unique, but so is what we do with that information. Unlike many mystery shopping companies who leave you with a truck load of data and little else, Reality Based Group creates an actionable experience improvement plan suited specifically to your company. Our solutions work harder, and smarter, to meet your customer experience objectives.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our case studies to learn about some of our most successful secret shopping programs focused in evaluating customer experience.

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