Who Uses Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping may seem as ambiguous to many as the plot of a classic crime novel. Some think it’s done only by private investigators, others believe it sounds illegal, and most have no idea which businesses use it and why.

The truth is mystery shoppers are trained professionals (not necessarily or commonly PIs), the practice is totally above board, and all kinds of businesses use mystery shopping programs to get an accurate, unbiased analysis of their staff’s skills in customer service as well as an overview of general operations. Armed with detailed reports based on actual experiences, business owners can easily spot problem areas and incorporate solutions.

Restaurants & Bars

From the host’s attitude to food quality and how beer and liquor are poured, all types of eateries and bars track their service standards with mystery shoppers.

Grocery, Liquor & Convenience Stores

With rising prices and the varieties of food and drink exploding across the board, food, snack and liquor purveyors need mystery shoppers to keep their customer service standards high.

Department & Specialty Stores

Home improvement retailers, bedding specialists, bicycle stores – every type of retailer faces stiff competition mystery shopping can help them overcome.

Rental Companies

Whether your company rents storage units, backhoes or linens for parties, undercover shoppers find out what it will take to put your company in first place.

Residential & Commercial Renting, Leasing & Sales

Using a mystery shopper to pose as a potential client helps property owners assess the skills of their staff and bring vacancy rates to zero.

Health Care Providers

Many consumers have more choices than ever when choosing health care providers. Undercover shoppers pose as patients, friends and family members to provide valuable feedback on the quality of care being offered.

Florists & Gift Shops

In one of the most competitive markets around, mystery shoppers rate service levels as well as the quality of goods received to help keep these businesses competitive.

Banks & Investment Groups

From teller transactions to guidance from financial advisors, customers must have total confidence in money handlers. Undercover shoppers assess service and whether or not disclosure guidelines are being followed.

Gym & Fitness Centers

Competition among gyms and fitness centers remains fierce. Mystery shoppers analyze the quality of service and equipment as well as the clarity of contract terms.


Since many guests don’t provide feedback before ditching a hotel, mystery shoppers who judge everything from bell and room service to shower head pressure give hotels objective reviews to help them keep guests coming back.

Automotive Sales & Service

Whether buying a vehicle or just trying to get that “Check Engine” light to go away, it’s all about customer trust and satisfaction. Mystery shoppers test client communications as well as integrity and fulfillment of promises.

Parking Garages

Whether you offer self-serve or valet parking services, customers demand efficiency, safety and good customer service. Having a mystery shopper analyze your service provides invaluable information to keep your lots full.

Hair Salons

From phone presentation to checkout, hair salons have to combine warm, personalized service with skilled cuts and coloring. Mystery shoppers ask all the right questions to objectively judge staff performance.

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