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Automotive Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

Automotive Mystery Shopping Takes the Guesswork Out of Inventory

At Reality Based Group, we understand that competition is fierce in the automotive industry. Whether you sell vehicles, perform routine maintenance, customize rides, or repair vehicles after accidents, your business needs a leg up over your competitors.

But how do you set yourself apart? One of the ways is focusing on the customer experience. That’s where RBG excels. With over twenty years of experience perfecting the customer experience, we can improve your automotive business.

We deliver ROI while giving you the resources to train and coach your employees on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors. We’re there to ensure every customer interaction is perfect.

The benefits of automotive mystery shopping include:

  • An examination of your entire customer service process
  • Customer insight gathered by real people
  • Identifying weaknesses and strengths
  • Personalized training programs

Keep reading to learn more about our automotive mystery shopper services and car dealership mystery shopping solutions.

Automotive Mystery Shopping Insights & Solutions

RBG’s solutions are trusted across the automotive industry. Like a classic car, we’ve been trusted for generations and are here to create the best program possible to help you serve your customers. Our automotive mystery shopper solutions offer:

    • GameFilm® – Video Mystery Shopping
      GameFilm® offers objective video mystery shopping feedback. Our founder invented video mystery shopping, and we continue to be the market leader. With GameFilm®, you know you’re getting results from a pro.
    • Mystery Shopping Plus – Written Mystery Shopping
      Mystery Shopping Plus starts with our revolutionary scorecard design. Each scorecard is tailored to the questions needed to improve your bottom line.
    • Real Calls™ – Phone Mystery Shopping
      The initial phone call is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your business. Real Calls™ allows you to evaluate your phone interactions and customer service.
    • Real Feedback™
      Customer satisfaction surveys can offer you an analysis of the subjective customer experience. This feedback comes directly from your customers.
    • Additionally, all of our solutions can be combined to fit your needs.

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How Mystery Shopping Data and Analysis Improves the Automotive Industry Sales Strategy and Process

As an owner or manager of an automotive company or business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you already know what the consumer really wants.

Often, your team believes they handled a situation perfectly, only to find out later that the customer was upset.

So how do you find out what is really going on in a customer’s mind and how do you best use that information to grow and improve your business?

The only way to know exactly what is going on inside the mind of a consumer is to utilize mystery shopping.

At RBG, not only do we capture the data, we sort it and analyze it in the ways most beneficial for your business.

Not only does mystery shopping improve your customer service, but it also increases your profits. Potential customers who know they are being taken care of are more likely to make a purchase.

Mystery shopping does more than just point out the things your team is doing wrong, it also highlights when your employees are doing things right. By examining both the positives and negatives, RBG creates a customized improvement plan.

With loyalty to automotive dealerships at an all-time low, creating a positive customer service atmosphere is essential to success.

Automotive Mystery Shopping Insights & Solutions

Automotive Mystery Shopping Takes the Guesswork Out of Inventory

With the data collected by automotive mystery shopping with RBG, it takes the guesswork out of understanding customers’ preferences.

Armed with up-to-date data and analysis, you’ll be able to tailor your automotive selection to match the needs of the consumer.

That is especially important because today’s auto consumers are armed with more information than ever. Most do plenty of online research before even entering your business.

Because of this, even a minor negative experience will make today’s customers more likely to walk away.

That is why your employees need to maintain exceptional customer service and industry knowledge.

Is Automotive Mystery Shopping Expensive?

Is Automotive Mystery Shopping ExpensiveAutomotive mystery shopping is more affordable than many people think. In fact, with the data and analysis it produces to improve your team’s customer service, the service actually pays for itself by your increased profits.

Most automotive business owners find mystery shopping to be a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose RBG over other Automotive Industry Mystery Shoppers?

You can count on our qualified automotive mystery shoppers to become the market leader in the automotive industry.

With RBG, car dealership and service mystery shopping include unique, closed-loop programs with our team there to help you every step of the way. From scorecard design to employee coaching and training, we focus on the objectives you need to succeed.

By partnering with RBG, you gain a powerful customer experience ally to ensure you’re doing everything possible to give your customers the best experience.

With our tailored, expertly designed programs, we provide the tools and resources so you can speed your way to results and start benefiting.

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