Entertainment Mystery Shopping

Entertainment Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

Do you own a movie theatre? How about a concert venue? If you own a business in the entertainment industry, Reality Based Group can help you deliver a customer experience worthy of the entertainment you feature. Do you want to stay ahead of your competition and drive customer loyalty? Mystery shopping with RBG delivers just that. Movie theater mystery shopping, for instance, gives you an inside look at your business from the outlook of real expert movie theater mystery shoppers, allowing you to make the strategic decisions necessary to improve your customer experience. Whether you screen the latest blockbusters or host the newest up-and-coming musicians, our closed loop program design means we’re with you every step of the way – from initial data collection and measurement to employee training and coaching.

Entertainment Industry Insights & Solutions

Using solutions like written mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and more RBG creates your unique program to deliver both ROI and fit your individual needs.

    • GameFilm® – Video Mystery Shopping
      Actually see inside your business with GameFilm®, the original video mystery shopping solution as invented by our Founder.
    • Written Mystery Shopping
      Let us design your scorecard (the questions posed to mystery shoppers) based on actionable behaviors so you know exactly what to do with the results.
    • Phone Mystery Shopping
      Evaluate phone interactions with your customers, frequently the first point of contact for potential customers.
    • Customer Surveys
      Real Feedback™ evolves the customer satisfaction survey and gives you valuable insights into your business.
    • Additionally, any of our solutions can be combined as necessary to fit your needs.

Why Choose RBG over other Entertainment Mystery Shoppers?

If you want a powerful ally when it comes to delighting your customers, look no farther than entertainment mystery shopping with RBG. We have more than twenty years of experience and the method that delivers results. We don’t merely collect data; we gather data based on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors to meet your specific objectives. If it’s concert mystery shopping or movie theater mystery shopping you need, RBG offers the best in the industry and results you can count on.

At RBG, we give you the tools to succeed and achieve your goals. We appreciate that our success is your success and we are here to help you give your customers the experience that drives loyalty, increases revenue and improves your bottom line. We are RBG and we want to help you evolve your customer experience with entertainment mystery shopping today.

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