Customer Surveys for Financial Services

Customer Surveys for Financial Services

Financial services mystery shopping with Reality Based Group involves expert strategy and effort in order to capture objective data. But what about the more subjective customer or employee feedback provided by customer surveys? Is it to be ignored or discounted simply for being subjective? Absolutely not. At RBG, we believe in a holistic approach to your financial services business and know that all feedback can give you a more complete look at the customer experience you’re providing. Real Feedback™ is RBG’s evolution of the customer satisfaction survey, and it can shed light on how your financial services business is perceived, both by your customers and employees.

Measuring the Subjective

Mystery shopping for financial services relies upon trained mystery shoppers to report their objective experiences. Clearly, though, your customers have their own experiences and equally valuable feedback to provide your business. Real Feedback™ embraces the subjective by intentionally not gathering objective data. Consider a customer trying to remember how long they waited to see a teller or banker after the fact. Chances are high they weren’t precisely timing their wait or another more memorable part of their experience (be it positive or negative) might color their perceived memory of the wait time. A customer satisfaction survey used this way will only give you inaccurate, unreliable information.

The RBG Difference

Actionable data is central to our approach. Even when gathering subjective information, we design our surveys to provide indicators as to which of your operational practices most influence customer impression and loyalty and opportunities for improvement. We keep surveys strategically brief to reduce drop-off rates of takers and enhance the value of Net Promoter Scores by asking “why” a particular score was awarded.

Traditional Methods

Within the financial services industry, many customer surveys still occur by phone after a teller or banker interaction. It could be a simple deposit or a more detailed inquiry into an auto or home loan. Either way, a phone call is made to check in with the customer about their experience. Feedback is collected through the right number of purposeful questions and delivered to you and your management team in a timely and fully customizable manner.

New Technology

Think customer surveys are limited to the phone? Today’s technology means you can deploy Real Feedback™ in various customer friendly ways. Install tablets at teller stations or elsewhere in a brick and mortar location, so your customers can easily and quickly evaluate their experience with your financial services. Take things to the next level with beacon technology and an app (which the customer has opted into) that can prompt your customers to take a survey upon leaving your location.

No matter the data collection method that works for you and your financial services business, RBG can help you retain, delight and improve your customers’ experience with Real Feedback™. Financial services mystery shopping delivers the objective data you count on, while our expert surveys complete the picture. With more than twenty years of experience, we know the questions to ask with our evolved customer satisfaction surveys. Subjective customer or employee feedback can be tricky to interpret. Remove the guesswork and pinpoint the actionable insights you need to improve with RBG. Take control, take action and see the results you’re looking for today.

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