Mystery Shopping Throughout the Financial Services Customer Lifecycle

Mystery Shopping Throughout the Financial Services Customer Lifecycle

If your business provides financial services, it’s essential to keep in mind that both your customers and potential customers can interact with you at varying points in their lifecycle. Whether it’s a new customer opening an account, a lifelong customer depositing a check, or someone in-between inquiring about a mortgage, there are unique customer experiences and considerations involved with each. Financial services mystery shopping with Reality Based Group can help you improve these experiences by helping you identify where you’re doing well and where you could use improvement when it comes to your customers with respect to their lifecycle.

GameFilm® Video Mystery Shopping

Ideal for simple transactions within a branch for teller assessments or more complex banker discussions, GameFilm® video mystery shopping for financial services lets you see events or interactions as they unfold. It eliminates the possibility of “he said, she said” and allows you to quickly evaluate things for yourself. If you want to focus on gaining new customers, you might choose to have video mystery shopping to capture the experience of a new customer opening an account. With the amount of detail possible with this solution, you can take an in-depth look into exactly how your operations are translating into real customer interactions. Additionally, GameFilm® can be a great tool for use in guided employee training and coaching.

Written Mystery Shopping

RBG uses the best financial services mystery shopping techniques and shoppers in the industry. These shoppers are skilled and trained to look for prompts, so you can evaluate your processes and procedures. Perhaps, a decision made at C-level isn’t having the intended effect; it’s easy to locate such an issue with written mystery shopping. Further, our mystery shoppers are experts in delivering qualified, objective feedback, so you know your financial services are being evaluated with results built into the equation.

Capable of providing specific data, you can quickly capture teller or banker knowledge and evaluate the customer experience based on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors. RBG’s Mystery Shopping Plus is great for an investment bank mystery shop, which can evaluate an investment counselor on presentation, knowledge, adherence to industry standards, and quality of the provided options. Financial services written mystery shopping is perfect for assessing new customer feedback and your employees’ efforts to gain their continued business with a new account.

Phone Mystery Shopping

Phone interactions can often be a potential customer’s first interaction with you; however, they could be anywhere from needing to make a simple inquiry or trying to learn more about college fund planning. RBG financial services mystery shopping will use shoppers to inquire about services, account types and details, CD and mortgage loan rates – anything you need. They can then assess employee phone etiquette, hold times, and more.

Online Mystery Shopping

In today’s marketplace, the online services you offer are becoming more and more important to your success. Do you have a chat feature on your website? How about email support? We can help you see how easy your online services are to access and feedback on the customer support received.

At RBG, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all just like your customer isn’t one-size-fits-all, especially in the financial services industry. If you want to ensure that you are truly taking lifecycle into account with your financial services customer experience, you need mystery shopping with RBG for expertise and to understand the complexity of your customers.

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