Government Mystery Shopping

Governmental Agencies Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

We don’t often think of the words customer service and government in the same sentence but governments provide essential services and products we all need. As such, mystery shopping for government agencies is crucial to guarantee quality customer experiences are being provided for such essential services and products. At Reality Based Group, we believe the customer experience is imperative in any interaction. Our program design keeps your end goals at the forefront and allows us to make sure your objectives will be met from the very beginning. All our programs include employee training and coaching to ensure your team performs its very best. With our solutions such as written mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and more RBG can help you deliver the customer experience you want to provide.

Governmental Agency Mystery Shopping Insights & Solutions

Data collection is just the beginning of what we do at RBG. We collect the right data based upon actionable behaviors that allow you to see real results. Further, our solutions are exactly what you need to ensure your customers are delighted every time.

  • GameFilm® – Video Mystery Shopping
    Eliminate subjectivity with GameFilm® and focus on just what you need to – improvement. Twenty plus years of experience in video mystery shopping as invented by our founder gives you the edge.
  • Mystery Shopping Plus – Written Mystery Shopping
    Mystery Shopping Plus all starts with expert, tailored scorecard design so you know the right questions are being asked of our quality government mystery shoppers.
  • Real Calls™ – Phone Mystery Shopping
    Phone interactions with your customers can be the first inquiry method a customer utilizes so make sure you’re hitting it out of the park with Real Calls™.
  • Real Feedback™
    Unlike the objective focus of other solutions, Real Feedback allows you insight into subjective customer data with our evolved customer satisfaction survey.
  • Additionally, any of our solutions can be combined as necessary to fit your needs.

The United States Postal Service experienced 919.5 million retail customer visits based upon Fiscal Year 2015 data. Further, if the USPS was a private sector company it would rank 43rd in the 2015 Fortune 500.

Why Choose RBG over other Governmental Agencies Mystery Shoppers?

With RBG, you gain a powerful partner. Our government mystery shoppers operate with quality so you can trust the feedback they provide. Moreover, RBG has more than twenty years of expert experience in the customer experience. We know you’re an expert at what you do, let us be your expert in evolving your customer experience and taking things to the next level.

We know the words customer service and government fit together perfectly. In fact, they’re such a perfect fit that we also believe the words government mystery shopper go together just as well. By concentrating on actionable behavior from the very creation of your program design we set ourselves apart from the competition so that you can transform the customer experience you deliver into something your customers can’t live without.

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