Home Builder Mystery Shopping

Home Building Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

You don’t just provide houses, you provide the homes your customers will experience all sorts of life’s milestones in – from marriage to job promotions, retirement to births. If you’re in the home building industry, you build homes you want your customers to love and cherish. You also want their experience with you to be great from first meeting to closing. Reality Based Group can help you do just that. With more than twenty years of experience in home building mystery shopping, we are experts at helping you improve your customer experience. We design every program we create with a focus on your specific objectives and goals through every stage of our closed loop system. Using solutions like written mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and more RBG helps you pinpoint areas for improvement on actionable behaviors that lead to increased ROI for your home builder business.

Home Building Mystery Shopping Insights & Solutions

Why collect data that isn’t actionable? At RBG, we believe in only collecting data that is based on an actionable behavior you can train and coach your employees towards improving. By focusing on measuring the right data, we help you improve your customers’ experience while improving the bottom line. Competition is everywhere and stronger than ever these days, but our solutions can help set you apart.

  • GameFilm® – Video Mystery Shopping
    GameFilm® is the original video mystery shopping solution as invented by our Founder. It lets you take an inside look at your business from the perspective of a customer.
  • Written Mystery Shopping
    Our expert scorecard design asks questions of home building mystery shoppers based upon actionable behaviors so you can train and coach employees.
  • Phone Mystery Shopping
    A phone call can often be a potential customer’s first interaction with your business and Real Calls™ allows you to evaluate how well they are being handled.
  • Customer Surveys
    Real Feedback™ takes the customer satisfaction survey and puts the RBG spin on it, so you know to use it for improvement.
  • Additionally, any of our solutions can be combined as necessary to fit your needs.

Why Choose RBG over Other Home Building Mystery Shoppers?

Competition in the home building industry is greater than ever and the customer experience you deliver is biggest differentiator you have to secure that top spot. You need a partner like RBG who has both the experience and expertise to help you measure, analyze and improve that customer experience with new home builder mystery shopping. Unlike other companies, we create each program to meet your needs and incorporate your goals through each stage of our closed loop process. Additionally, we make sure you continually improve with this system with ongoing fine-tuning to your program.

We know you want to give your customers the best experiences you possibly can and RBG is here to help you do just that. We know our success is your success and helping you achieve that success is what our unique approach is designed to do. By concentrating on measurable, revenue-driving behaviors and guiding you through employee training and coaching, we give you the tools for this success. We are RBG and we want to help you evolve your customer experience today.

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