Common Customer Experience Issues at Hotels

Hospitality Support Resource: Common Customer Experience Issues At Hotels

A night in a hotel can be a dream or nightmare depending on the experience. Do you know if your guests are consistently having that dream customer experience or having a more suffering stay? Competition is fiercer than ever within the hotel industry, and at Reality Based Group we know your last differentiator is the customer experience. Use hotel mystery shopping to deliver an amazing one that can increase ROI and customer loyalty. Avoid common customer experience pitfalls with the experience and expertise provided by our twenty plus years with hospitality mystery shopping.

Unprepared for Expectations

Customers have expectations, sometimes set by you and other times not. Needless to say, it’s your job to meet these expectations. Ideally, you’d really like to exceed them, but nothing will disappoint a guest more than a dropped expectation. Imagine if a guest confirms an early check-in, only to arrive and find they were bumped from their early check-in. Not a happy camper. Even worse, their visit starts off on the exact wrong foot. Be keenly aware of guests’ expectations and make sure you’re not making promises you cannot keep. Our mystery shoppers can help your hotel prepare to meet guests and even exceed expectations. 

Unreliable, Dated Technology

Let’s face it – many of us have come to depend on 21st technology every day of our lives. Our hotel stays have gone mobile too and mobile alternatives for check-in, check-out and room service are highly desired. Hotel mystery shoppers can also help you identify areas you might consider revamping technology-wise. One caveat when it comes to technology, though. Similar to our last point, if you promote high-speed Internet, you better have dependable, fast Internet.

Less Than Stellar Interactions

Your frontline employees can literally be your greatest assets when it comes to delivering a great customer experience. Hotel mystery shopping companies can help you identify how these interactions are unfolding and whether your operations and procedures are translating into action as you intended. At RBG, we specifically concentrate on actionable behaviors that can be trained and coached to for the greatest positive impact on the customer experience.

Lack of Personalization

Whether you’re a homebody or a social butterfly, everyone can miss the comfort of home and the familiar when at a hotel. You have a great opportunity to get to know guests and add personal touches they will appreciate while away from home. Mystery hotel shoppers can spot opportunities for personalization during their stay and you can implement as you see fit. You can also train staff to pass knowledge (likes and dislikes for example) to one another, so they can work as a team to tailor each guest’s experience to fit their needs.

Poor Recommendations

Even if your employees know your hotel like the back of their hand, they need to know the surrounding area just as well. Consider possibly being in an unfamiliar town or city, tired and weary from travel and just wanting a quick slice of pizza. Your employee needs to be able to recommend a good, nearby pizza place – preferably with a delivery option. It’s recommendations like these that can really stand out to both a guest and a hotel secret shopper.

If you want to ensure your guests are having a dream customer experience, hire a hospitality secret shopper with RBG & we can help you proactively identify and pinpoint areas for improvement and avoid common issues. Always keep personalization in mind when it comes to a guest’s experience, train and coach employees to exceed expectations, and keep your technology up-to-date.

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