How Hotel & Hospitality Mystery Shopping Is Different

How Hotel & Hospitality Mystery Shopping Is Different

Mystery shopping can provide you with invaluable insight into your business and the customer experience you’re delivering to your customers. Hotel and hospitality mystery shopping gives you these same insights, but differs from more traditional mystery shopping due to the length of the evaluation. While a typical mystery shop may assess a restaurant over the course of a dinner, hotel mystery shopping involves an overnight stay that touches on many different aspects and areas. As such, the survey and report are both longer and more detailed.

Valet Evaluation

Guests’ first impressions of your hotel often occur before they’ve even passed through your doors. Our hotel mystery shoppers are trained to evaluate valet services. We can inform you of how well valet personnel are both interacting with guests as well as following operations and procedures.

 Check-In Evaluation

Your lobby can speak volumes about your hotel to guests. Is it clean, orderly and well designed? Hospitality mystery shopping can let you hear from real mystery hotel shoppers trained to notice the smallest details. They will also evaluate your check-in process and if employees made them feel welcomed and at ease.

Restaurant Evaluation

Does your hotel have a restaurant? After a long trip, nothing can be more relaxing for a guest than settling in for a great meal at your hotel’s restaurant. You can rest assured that our hotel secret shoppers are well versed in assessing your wait staff, quality of service and food.

Room Service Evaluation

If a meal at your hotel’s restaurant is relaxing, perhaps even one better is room service in the comfort of a guest’s own room. From the ease of ordering to wait times for delivery, we can help you make sure your guests are delighted each and every time they order room service.

Housekeeping Evaluation

Travel weary guests might appreciate finally setting their luggage down in their room most of all. You want that room to make them feel right at home. Hotel mystery shopping companies are capable of surveying the décor, cleanliness and overall appearance of the room. Additionally, a company like Reality Based Group can take things one step further, so you can know how quickly and well possible issues are resolved. Simply unscrewing a light bulb and contacting the front desk, for instance, can create a concern they can use to discover how you’re performing when there is a problem.

Check-Out Evaluation

Every good trip must come to an end and you want to make sure you send your guests off happy and eager to return. Make certain you’re doing just that for your guests with a hospitality secret shopper with RBG. Whether check-out was a breeze or a headache, you can find out exactly how well you performed and proactively adopt any necessary changes needed in your procedures.

A wonderful hotel visit can stay in our minds for a long time. Whether your guests are there for business or pleasure, you want their stay with you to be as amazing as possible. Customer experience is the biggest way you can set your hotel apart from the competition. Hotel mystery shopping lets you see how you’re doing from many different angles and can give you the full picture of how your guests experience your hotel. From valet to check-out and everything in between, let RBG help you deliver the type of customer experience that will keep your guests coming back time after time.

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