K&N Management Replay Instructions

To access the Replay system, click Admin Login
As a shop becomes available for scoring, it can be located in “Hold B” status.  After scoring, Scorer will move status to “Finalized”.

    1. Click “Logs
    2. Select “K&N Management: All”, using drop down arrow under “Survey:”
    3. Select “Hold B” using drop down arrow under “Status”, “Show Status”
    4. Click “GO” button on right
    5. Click “Up Arrow” under “Shop” to organize list by scoring priority.

    1. Click “Review” next to the desired Shop.    Note:  If another Scorer is scoring that shop, the message below will pop up.  Close out of that shop and move down to the next.

    1. Scroll to “Watch the Video”.  Copy / paste link to new browser window

    1. Score shop accordingly
    2. Select “Reviewed” using drop down arrow under “REVIEWER CONTROLS”, “* SHOP STATUS”.

    1. Click “Update Survey” button at bottom of Survey

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