Additional Customer Service Solutions for Restaurants

Additional Customer Service Solutions for Restaurants

Reality Based Group provides a multitude of customer service solutions for restaurants. We know you have amazing secret recipes to delight your customers and through RBG’s restaurant mystery shopping solutions we help you differentiate yourself from the competition with our secret recipes for success when it comes to improving the customer experience you’re providing and increasing the bottom line.

Mystery Shopping Plus – Written Mystery Shopping

Scorecard design takes center stage with RBG’s restaurant Mystery Shopping Plus. What exactly is scorecard design? Simply put, it’s the questions posed to restaurant mystery shoppers evaluating your business. Questions that take careful planning and considerable thought. Scorecard design is crucial to your success and RBG develops each and every scorecard we design holistically, approaching the design by keeping the end results you desire at the forefront.

RBG understands what’s objective, quantifiable and trainable in any portion of a customer interaction. We use this expertise to create the most customized scorecards in the business, which are designed to deliver the real, actionable data that you need to gain real, measurable results.

Real Feedback™

Real Feedback™ is RBG’s evolution of the restaurant customer satisfaction survey. With our restaurant customer surveys you can learn more about how your business is perceived, both by its customers and its employees. Additionally, these surveys are fully customizable and can be sent by receipt, email or direct mail allowing you to learn more about what customers think of your restaurant.

The core strength of RBG’s restaurant customer satisfaction surveys is to determine how operations impact and influence a customer’s impression of a brand. Not all customer satisfaction surveys are created equally, Real Feedback™ gives you insight into the more subjective realm of customer satisfaction with RBG’s evolved surveys.

GamePlan and Coach’s Guide

RBG knows coaching and training is one of the most important elements of any program we offer. That’s why GamePlan and our coach’s guide are built into every RBG program. Any evaluation, from a video mystery shop to a customer survey, can be used with GamePlan and the coach’s guide.

The coach’s guide walks the coach step by step through facilitating a training session. GamePlan is what is actually captured in that coaching session. By making coaching and restaurant customer service training an integral part of any program we design, we take it account through each stage of our closed loop system. Guaranteeing you can coach to the data means we build your scorecard with the end game in mind.

Smart Program

RBG’s Smart Program takes into account you have different location types. These restaurant location types may be divided based upon financial performance or other metrics you use. We work with you to determine what each location type needs. You may want every location to receive a certain amount of interaction while other locations receive even more to ensure their improvement.

One set of resources can be used for all locations, your base program if you will. Perhaps, you’d like each location to receive monthly customer surveys. Then, a benchmark can be set for your other locations such as falling below an 80% on the monthly customer survey. Other tools can then be deployed, restaurant written mystery shops, even restaurant video mystery shops. RBG’s Smart Program allows you to spend your budget where it’s needed and still touch each of your locations.

Let RBG take your restaurant or restaurants to the next level with our restaurant mystery shopping solutions. RBG offers every resource you need for improvement. Whether you require restaurant written mystery shopping, video mystery shopping or customer satisfaction surveys, RBG has the solutions for your restaurant. Contact us today to get more information about a program built for your business.

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