Video Mystery Shopping Benefits for Restaurants

Video Mystery Shopping Benefits for Restaurants

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? How about a customer in your own restaurant? Restaurant video mystery shopping allows you to do exactly that, no human to fly body swapping required. Reality Based Group’s founder invented GameFilm®, the original video mystery shopping solution, more than twenty years ago and we still outshine our competitors. Restaurants are ideal candidates for video mystery shopping, which allows for true evaluations of customers’ experiences. There are countless ways video mystery shopping can benefit your restaurant.

Eliminate “He Said, She Said…”

It has been said, “There are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth.” Video mystery shopping eliminates the “he said, she said” and gets you to that truth you’re seeking. Restaurant video mystery shopping allows you to skip past any potential argument over whether a shop event or interaction occurred as reported. You have the footage, which doesn’t merely tell but shows exactly happened, giving you the power to evaluate the truth and accurately train and coach employees.

See for Yourself

You know your restaurant from the inside out, practically every nook and cranny. Restaurant video mystery shopping lets you see every detail you know so well, but from your customer’s perspective. Your familiarity with your restaurant also means you can glean much from a video very quickly. For example, a glance at the footage and you immediately know if your restaurant was busy during the time the shop occurred.

Evaluate Wait Times

Restaurant video mystery shopping can show you exactly how long wait times are for drinks, appetizers, entrees, you name it. You get a better idea of how the meal progresses and whether things move at the pace you’ve set. Times are recorded precisely with video mystery shopping and you never have to worry about a wait time being miscalculated.

Training and Coaching Tool

Nothing beats video mystery shopping when it comes to training and coaching tools. Not intended to be used as a “gotcha” moment to catch an employee not following procedure, restaurant video mystery shopping lets your team of employees discuss and work through actual footage and scenarios to be better prepared for their own eventual dealing with an identical or similar scenario.

Server Etiquette

With restaurant video mystery shopping, you can see firsthand exactly how your servers are performing and serving customers. You have the opportunity to see exactly how a meal’s exchanges between server and customer went as well as whether they met your expectations.

Quick Data

With video mystery shopping technology, quick turnaround allows you to see and study your footage without inconveniently long wait times. Today’s camera and video tools make publishing findings fast, efficient, and user friendly.  If you enjoy being at the edge of new technology, video mystery shopping is the solution for your restaurant, hands down.

There is nothing quite like seeing actual footage of what it’s like to be a customer at your restaurant.  Plus, restaurant video mystery shopping gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to explore both the objective and subjective simultaneously. Opportunities for evaluation are endless with video mystery shopping, your restaurant and the customer experience you provide can both be approached strategically and in a straightforward manner so you can apply necessary changes quickly and involve your employee team as much as possible.

For more information about our restaurant mystery shopping programs, visit our Restaurant Industry Page. For more information about our video mystery shopping services, visit our GameFilm Solutions Page.

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