Case Studies

Nothing speaks louder than numbers, and we’ve got those on our side.

Cinnabon Sees a 17% Increase in Up-Selling Behavior by Moving to Weekly Shops


Texas Roadhouse Voted Americas Favorite Restaurant


Goodwill Organization Increases Profit by 8% While Using Video Mystery Shopping Solutions


RBG’s Video Mystery Shopping Solution helps Client Win the Malcolm Baldridge Award.


Cabela’s – Increases Ticket Sales by 20%


Results You Can Take to the Bank


International Retailer with over 2,000 Locations


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Starbucks® Elevates the Customer Experience

 Posted by Angelica

 August 11, 2020

How to Amplify Your Employee Experience

 Posted by Angelica

 August 3, 2020

3 Ways COVID-19 has Impacted the Customer Experience

 Posted by Angelica

 July 27, 2020

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