Competitive Pricing Analysis for Retail Stores

Competitive Pricing Analysis for Retail Stores

Competition within the retail industry isn’t just tough; it’s fierce. Performing smart competitive pricing analysis is vital to your retail business’s success. However, it can require accurate, competitive data to inform your strategic pricing decisions. That’s why Reality Based Group offers Real Check™. Whether you need a completely customized, full-store scrape or a no-fuss weekly data feed, our retail competitive pricing analysis can give you a competitive edge.

Undirected Audits

If you want to know what products your retail competition carries, look no further than an undirected audit. We collect in-store inventory complete with UPC, description and price. Moreover, this retail competitive pricing analysis allows you to find out more without your competitors knowing. Become a leader in your pricing rather than a follower.

Directed Audits

Want to gather offline competitive pricing data on your competitors? Experienced auditors collect pricing nationwide on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis so you know your retail competition’s pricing. Gain a powerful edge with this type of retail competitive pricing analysis. Plus, experienced RBG auditors can be deployed across the country to check any product, at any competitor, anytime. If you’re not sure what items to add to your price list, you can give us a list of items you want to map prices to, and if they’re not available, we can provide the next closest match.

Pricing Feed Subscription

Monitor regional pricing easily, and have it fed directly to your inbox on a weekly basis. We collect in-store pricing on a guided list of products set by top sellers of your retail business type. This is a no-maintenance solution that helps you make strategic pricing decisions for your retail business. Easily stay on top of your retail competition with this competitive pricing analysis.

Unilateral Pricing Audits

How can you know if your competitor will sell below the manufacturer’s set price? The solution is unilateral pricing audits. These audits involve expert auditors skilled at negotiating sales below UPP on retail products with set manufacturer pricing guidelines. Gain insight into your competition, so you have all the information.

Custom Project

Do you have a specific one-time project you need completed? Our auditors can gather information from any product at any store. We can also gather information based upon your needs. We work with you to make sure you’re getting the information you need to make strategic retail pricing decisions.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition within the retail industry, competitive pricing analysis shouldn’t just be valuable to you, but imperative to your pricing strategy. If you don’t know your competitor’s pricing, how can you expect to be current? In the fast-moving retail industry, you can’t expect to even keep up without the data you receive with RBG’s competitive pricing analysis. We want to see you succeed and can provide you with the data and information to determine the strategy you need to reach the top spot. Let us show you the RBG difference and how we can make an impact for your business.

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