Retail Point of Sale Evaluation

Retail Point of Sale Evaluation

If you own a retail business, you know exactly how crucial your point of sale (POS) team and systems are to your bottom line. Your customers are very literally at the finish line of their interaction with your business. Not only are there opportunities to reinforce an outstanding overall customer experience, there are additional possibilities for final revenue-driving sales techniques like upselling or cross-selling. Make the most of this potential with retail mystery shopping and the expert POS evaluations it can provide. Measure unique elements of your POS to gain the valuable insights you need to know today.

Precise Timing

A lengthy POS transaction is the last thing you want your customers to experience. You may be able to time these transactions with an integrated payment system; however, this information is merely data without explanation. Retail mystery shoppers are trained to not only provide precise timing when necessary, they can also explain variables beyond just the transaction. Perhaps, the POS exchange included more than just the actual transaction, like a few customer questions. With retail mystery shopping you can separate these types of factors from typical transaction time.

Sales Techniques

POS often includes important sales techniques like upselling or cross-selling. How can you ensure your sales team is really performing these methods, though? And how well? Retail POS evaluations with Reality Based Group allow you to measure both, so you know your team is helping you drive revenue by appropriately suggesting upgrades or add-ons. Additionally, you can use these measurements to inform training and coaching per retail mystery shoppers’ unbiased observations.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

You offer loyalty programs to reward devoted customers. Likewise, you appreciate the importance of providing gift cards for customers desiring something for a hard to please friend. Yet, loyalty programs and gift cards are only as beneficial to your customers (and in turn your business) as their ease of use. Enlist retail mystery shoppers to guarantee your customers have no problems redeeming gift cards and the promises made by your loyalty programs are honored. 

Sales and Promotions

A great sale or promotion can not only drive customers into your doors, but increase average ticket size as well. Similar to gift cards and loyalty programs, though, you want to know if your team and systems keep your customers happy when it comes to sales and promotions. POS evaluations with retail mystery shopping can tell you exactly how simple and straightforward it was for a customer to find a sale item and if it was rang up as promised.

Knowledge and More

Want to test your sales team’s knowledge or examine how specific issues are handled in reality? Whether it’s a missing tag that requires investigation, a question about a product, or an exact request, retail mystery shopping can be used to prompt your employees and team about very real situations, so you may evaluate where you’re doing well and opportunities for improvement.

Keep your POS interactions clean, simple and efficient with retail mystery shopping. There are valuable opportunities for revenue and outstanding customer experiences at POS, opportunities you absolutely need to make the most of to see these benefits. Whether it’s sales team knowledge, transaction times or ease of use with a loyalty program, RBG can help you assess areas of concern leading to increased customer loyalty and an improved bottom line.

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