Retail Sales Team Evaluation

Retail Sales Team Evaluation

In the retail industry, nothing can feel more imperative to your success than your frontline employees. In fact, your sales team can make or break you. You want to ensure they’re at the top of their game. At Reality Based Group, we provide expert retail mystery shopping solutions, so your sales team doesn’t merely impress, they shine and in turn so does your business. We concentrate on actionable, revenue-driving measurements of your sales team to give you the results you desire. Explore how mystery shopping with RBG can help you assess your sales team from different angles and the insights that can be derived from these evaluations.

Adherence to Procedures

Careful consideration and planning goes into your operations and procedures. However, these decisions are often made at a high level and their actual execution and adherence could tell a very different story. Retail mystery shopping can measure both and allow you to find out the real story, allowing you to quickly know where your team needs some help and what’s working like you intended.

Individual and Team Evaluations

Your sales team is exactly that – a team. Use mystery shopping to ensure your team and the individuals comprising it are really working as one. A retail mystery shopper is trained to discreetly identify employees they interact with and can additionally keep an eye out for managers on duty. As such, you’re able to appraise individual, manager and team performance with these evaluations. You can even identify individuals performing particularly well for potential advancement.

Promotions and Sales

Have a great promotion or sale going on at your retail business? You want to know you can count on your staff to support it just the way you would. Think about your own shopping experiences and whether or not an employee took the time to inform you about a great deal taking place. Information is power and as consumers we react well to a friendly staff member letting us know where we can find the most bang for our buck. Empower your sales team to do just that and make certain your sales and promotions are getting the visibility they deserve with retail mystery shopping.

Customer Experience

If you’re in the retail industry, you probably know a thing or two about the customer experience. Moreover, you know your competition knows a thing or two about it as well. Stay one step ahead by ensuring the customer experience your sales team provides is the complete package with the insights of retail secret shoppers. Your customers are valuable; make certain they feel valued with the expertise of RBG and our focus on measuring the type of actionable, revenue-driving behaviors of your sales team that make your customer experience a dream.

Implement with Training and Coaching

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, retail mystery shopping companies like RBG understand that your sales team needs training and coaching. So why not partner with a company that works that training and coaching into the very measurements they collect? That’s exactly what we do at RBG, so you’re already prepared with what to do with the results you receive. For instance, we break down elements of your customer experience like a “friendly greeting” into actionable behaviors (i.e. a smile, handshake, or introduction by name) that you can coach to directly.

Your sales team interacts with your customers day in and day out. You need to guarantee those interactions are what you want them to be with the power of retail mystery shopping. We know you value your customers, now it’s time to empower your sales team with RBG.

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