The Benefits of Video Mystery Shopping for Retail Stores

Video Mystery Shopping Benefits for Retail Stores

If you’re in the retail industry you know competition is fierce. So how do you stand out from that competition? By focusing on the customer experience you’re delivering to your customers. Retail video mystery shopping is a highly effective way to evaluate and improve this experience and at Reality Based Group we know a thing or two about video mystery shopping. Our founder invented GameFilm®, the original video mystery shopping solution, more than twenty years ago and we remain the foremost expert on the subject. Retail stores can benefit from video mystery shopping in many ways.

Evaluate Quickly

You know your retail store locations like the back of your hand. Sometimes this amount of familiarity might lead to blind spots. Retail video mystery shopping allows you to see what you’re familiar with, but from the perspective of your customers through experienced video mystery shoppers. You can also quickly observe and evaluate how well operations and procedures were followed.

Eliminate “He Said, She Said…”

Video mystery shopping removes any possibility for “he said, she said” disagreements over a reported shop event or interaction. Instead, you have the actual footage of the event, which shows you exactly what happened and lets you get to the truth. Operating within reality like this allows you stay objective.

Training and Coaching Tool

Elite athletes are used to being coached; however, being able to watch and study footage of a performance can give them an entirely new viewpoint. Retail video mystery shopping has the same effect for your employees and helps them actually see concepts so they become more intuitive and instinctive. Footage can be individually examined or used in team sessions to help everyone discuss and learn more.

Customer Interactions

See your employees’ interactions with customers firsthand with retail video mystery shopping. You can assess how well corporate procedures are being followed and determine whether a particular procedure translates as well as you might have intended or imagined when creating and implementing it.

Quick Data

Video mystery shopping technology has advanced right alongside many other 21st century technological developments. Turnaround has never been faster for footage with these advancements and current camera and video tools allow you to receive and review new footage efficiently and in a user friendly manner. If you like to incorporate the latest technology in your retail stores, then you will love staying on top of the customer experience you deliver with video mystery shopping.

Customer Loyalty

Continuously improving and perfecting your customers’ experience with your retail store leads to increased customer loyalty and can help those same customers tell potential new customers about your business as well. When you use retail video mystery shopping you can transform the customer experience you provide through reality based, objective analysis, thus gaining the loyalty of your customers.

Step inside your retail stores with the help of RBG’s GameFilm® and begin exploring the reality of your business. Delivering an outstanding customer experience isn’t simple or easy; otherwise, every customer interaction would delight and reward. Remember, though, a great customer experience is the proven differentiator when it comes to standing apart from the competition. It also becomes a lot easier to tackle when you have a partner who is a customer experience expert like RBG. We can guide you through making the most of a solution like retail video mystery shopping can help you take the top spot amongst your competition.

For more information about our retail mystery shopping programs, visit our Retail Industry Page. For more information about our video mystery shopping services, visit our GameFilm Solutions Page.


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