Shopper Testimonials

RBG Mystery Shopper Testimonials

We have some of the best mystery shoppers in the industry and we always go the extra mile to ensure their success and satisfaction. We take tremendous pride in the level of service that we extend to our shoppers and we are grateful for having such a wonderful network of talented and dedicated mystery shoppers.

The following testimonials are a tribute to our dedication in guaranteeing the highest level of quality and commitment to our shoppers.

“I have done several shops for Reality Based Group. I have only good things to say about this company.  Each shop is clearly explained and the reports are clearly written to make my job easier. Everyone I have dealt with at RBG has been very nice and more that helpful.

The schedulers are professional, flexible, and they are a joy to work with. They always go out of their way to provide me with the information I need to do a proper shop, and they are very nice as well.  I have received each payment promptly, and have had no issues with this company. I would urge any mystery shopper to sign up free with RBG.”

– Don

“I have been doing mystery shops for many years.  I have had the honor to work with the Reality Based Group since August of 2010.  One of the many reasons why I enjoy working with them is that their schedulers are very friendly and always available in case of a question.  The second reason, is that when I first started they paid by paypal and this year they added the option of getting paid by Direct Deposit. They have never been late with a payment and they are very good with on time payments.  I have also moved several times since my first shop in 2010 and I have never had to worry about shops being available in my area.”

– Patrick, Springfield MA

“The last 11 years I have worked as a gold mystery shopper and for the last two and a half years I have worked with Reality Based Group.  Not only have I found this company to be reliable and sound, but the schedulers I work with are excellent in their communication and integrity. There has been consistent work and I never have to worry about a payment being missed. Of all the companies I work with currently, they are by far one that I look forward to shopping with. I highly recommend them!”

 – Kandy Gedies

“Working with RBG has been an absolute delight. Since the beginning I have learned so much about the shops that I have conducted and the Schedulers are there to offer great tips to perform shops more effectively.”

 – Sheldon Slinkard

“I started mystery shopping since 2007. I have done shops for RBG since 2009 and I love this company! Their schedulers are some of the best schedulers I have ever worked with. They are friendly, always there for you when you need help. I believe that being a scheduler must be a tough job, for there are so many shops that need to be scheduled and RBG schedulers do a great job. They are always available to answer questions and they try their best to give you the shops you request. I would not change RBG for anything.”

– Pat

“I performed my first Mystery Shop in March of 2014. It was with Reality Based Group and I’ve never looked back. Here are a few reasons why I love RBG:

1. Their schedulers are professionals. If you have an issue, they will call you back or email. Problems are solved and there is no flaking on the shop.
2. Their editors tell you exactly what needs clarified in reports.
3. They have a specific pay day. If pay day lands on the weekend, I get paid on the Thursday or Friday before the actual stated day.

My favorite reason that I love RBG, is a specific scheduler. If it wasn’t for Shirley McLemore, I wouldn’t do this. Saying that she has the patience of a saint doesn’t even give her enough credit. She works with me, puts up with me, and I know gets extremely exasperated with me. She is the epitome of the professionalism RBG requires from their schedulers, editors and shoppers.”

– Mary Ann

“I look forward to more shops and other opportunities that RBG will have in the future. RBG has already become one of my favorites.”

– John

“What I have found most rewarding and what it is like to work for RBG Mystery Shopping is the fact that you can be your own boss, have a flexible work schedule throughout the week, and have a variety of shops to perform each month. You have the potential to make lots of money, be in business for yourself, and earn free stuff whether it is free food, free merchandise, etc. At last, being the shopper who evaluates the employees while at their place of business. Mystery shopping will keep you stepping high and well over any slumps that a traditional job may offer. Mystery shopping is lots of fun, rewarding and easy to earn money. The schedulers who assign you the shops are easy to work with and they are always there to help you if you need assistance with a report or make any changes to the due date if an emergency comes up.”

– Christine

“I have been working with RBG on a weekly basis for three years and I genuinely enjoy it. They are well managed, receptive to feedback from shoppers, and assignments/payments are made on time. My scheduler is always available by both e-mail and phone and is a pleasure to work with. The project manager for my main recurring assignment is also a real person with a real phone number who answers when I call and knows who I am. With RBG, you are not just a number. Because of the ongoing nature of many of their projects, you have the opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with their team. For me, that type of atmosphere sets them apart and is the primary reason I have worked with them for three years and don’t plan to stop any time soon!”

– Jeremy

“RBG is a fantastic company to work for. Their schedulers are very efficient in getting jobs assigned to me. If you are looking for a great company to work with, then you need to check out RBG!!!”

– Regina

“It has been a pleasure working as an investigator and shopper for Reality Based Group since February 10, 2010. They have several schedulers that I worked with on a consistent basis. They have a stressful and busy regimen to follow in order to complete their monthly assignments, and they have all proven to be professional, courteous, and helpful in assisting me in the completion of my shopping assignments.To date, I have completed over 100 various shopping assignments and have received excellent support from the schedulers. Due to their assistance and diligence, I have been able to enjoy being retired while feeling fulfilled and productive.”

– Dave

“I have been working with RBG for a few months now. I can honestly say Reality Based Group is one of the better companies I do work for. I have always been treated politely, courteously, and friendly. I feel they go above and beyond to make sure their shopper’s do the best job they can. I am truly happy to work every week with Reality Based Group.”

– Laurie

“I have performed 317 shops for RBG since I signed up as a shopper with them in 2011. I am primarily a video shopper, but also do traditional written evaluations. My shops with them have spanned many industries, including banking, new home sales, casual dining, insurance and retail. I’ve shopped businesses local to me, but also performed routes taking me hundreds of miles out of state in different parts of the country. The support I’ve received while in the field is consistently excellent.

I work with dozens of mystery shopping providers and RBG is consistently one of my go-to’s. The schedulers are fair, they care about training and consistency, they’re available to assist shoppers in the field, they pay on time, and they respect me as a professional. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several of the team while visiting Austin and will always make it a point to stop in when I’m in town. They’re just a good company!”

– Kimberley

“Awesome Company to Work for!!!!!

I have been working with Reality Based Group for 2 years now and they are by far the best company to work for. They are always a phone call away when you need them especially when we are on the road working. If you need to email a question, you will always get an answer right away. I enjoy working with the entire team and love doing their shops for them. I highly recommend this company as they are like a family that you can always talk to. They pay well and are always consistant and on time every month. I can’t say enough about this company except they are all AWESOME!!!!!!”

– Tammie

“RBG is one of my favorite shopping companies.  The variety of shops, be it video or regular, is enjoyable.  I love the ability to adds shops while traveling personally or to add to routes.  The schedulers are helpful and supportive.  When I was once unexpectedly ill, the scheduler accepted my recommendation of another RBG shopper to reassign and still meet the deadline, without any repercussions to my status.  Payments are like clockwork, with the direct deposits convenient and easy.”

– Anonymous

“I really like working with this company. They are always consistent and easy to work with.”

– Sharon Firebaugh Long

“One of my absolute favorite Mystery shopping companies I work with is Reality Based Group-and I work with several! RBG has some great client opportunities, and they all seem very thorough, yet focused and also patient, if necessary.

I find RBG postings and information to be solid and easy to follow- I do not have to dig for information. They usually book far enough in advance that there is room to schedule, and plan. The details are always clear, and clarification is general only an email away, although not often needed. They know I have other commitments, and they have always been respectful and accommodating to my schedule. They are excellent communicators.

The editors are also very communicative, and in this business that can be hard to find. I have enjoyed the last few years of working with RBG and I am so devoted, I feel bad when I cannot help my schedulers with a shop they need covered (e.g. if I am booked out of town, or if I am out of rotation).

I am happy to work with RGB and I consider them to be one of my favorite Companies in which I work and with which I consult.”

– A Sincerely happy and motivated shopper from the NorthWest

“I have been working with RBG for a couple of months and I really enjoy it. There is always someone there to help if I have any questions. I look forward to more shop opportunities with RBG!”

– Ana

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