Shopper Integrity

Hello RBG Shoppers,

At Reality Based Group, we can’t help but brag about having the most qualified shoppers around. Shoppers like you help us deliver the quality data our client partners need. We strive to keep you informed and today we would like to introduce our four part summer series concerning shopper integrity. You may be asking yourself exactly what we mean by shopper integrity? Imagine the below scenario:

• Life gets hectic; you’ve got a lot on your plate – including a shop. You realize your friend did the same shop two weeks ago. So you decide not to perform the shop but use their answers, their pictures and their experience but call it your own shop.

The above scenario constitutes a violation of shopper integrity. As you might imagine, a breach of trust occurs at a variety of levels. Today, let’s take a look at other scenarios that equate to violations of shopper integrity:

• You think you know prices like the back of your hand so rather than actually visit the store to perform an audit, you “guess” and submit. Shopper integrity has been violated.

• Your shop requires a purchase for which RBG reimburses you. However, you also return said purchase after the shop. Shopper integrity has been violated.

• You perform a shop at a local restaurant with your spouse. They are also a shopper for RBG, so they sign up for next month’s shop in order to avoid the shopper rotation restriction. Shopper integrity has been violated.

• You have a shop due tonight and you are just not feeling well. Your friend said they would go, complete the shop and tell you what happened so that you can submit the report. Shopper integrity has been violated.

• You completed a shop but forgot to submit your report in a timely fashion. You rush to submit, not remembering the correct answers to the questions so you simply answer them all positively as to not penalize the employees. Shopper integrity has been violated.

We value the quality and integrity of our shoppers. Incidents like the examples given are fortunately few and far between, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. We will explore the effects of these actions in the coming weeks; however, keep in mind that if you should run into an issue, contacting your scheduler is always your first step toward a solution.
RBG prosecutes breaches of shopper integrity that involve fraud, so keep shopping with integrity and help preserve our industry, our clients, and your income.

Thank you and have a great day,
Team RBG

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