Pricing Audits

We pride ourselves in our integrity and guarantee to provide the most informative and reliable data so you can stay ahead of the competition.

At Reality Based Group, we know it can be an ongoing struggle to remain competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace. Your competitors may be constantly changing their product offerings or lowering their prices, but how do you stay informed when you have your own business to run? RBG has created an expert competitive pricing analysis and product auditing program that provides you with the exact information you’ve been looking for and we’re ready to help you outperform your biggest competition!

Find out what you need to know about what your competitors are offering right as strategic changes are made with Reality Based Group’s Real Check™ program. With over 20 years of experience providing mystery shopping solutions we’ve continued to offer proven competitor price and product analysis solutions that range from completely customized, full-store scrapes to no-fuss weekly data feeds sent directly to your inbox. When we deliver a smarter analysis of your competitors’ offerings you’re not just getting a load of data, but receiving the meaningful insight you need to make better and strategic decisions for your store. Our experienced team of auditors are ready to go anywhere to gather accurate pricing and product information from your brick-and-mortar competitors, helping you always stay one step ahead.

How We Collect Pricing & Product Information

Before we can provide you with quality competitive information we have to assemble an expert evaluation team. As founding members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, RBG is positioned to have access to all Gold and Silver-Certified mystery shoppers, each of which has been professionally trained through classroom and web-based programs to be more observant and reliable when completing competitive audits. With Reality Based Group, you’re guaranteed to have quality mystery shoppers providing you with the most detailed competitor pricing or product analysis on the market.

An Accurate & Actionable Analysis

Once your mystery shoppers have been selected our Real Check™ program moves to measuring meaningful competitive insights. We don’t believe in providing vague or subjective data, so we work closely to collaborate with your business and design specific scorecards to measure your key revenue drivers and provide you with the most reliable and actionable information. What products are your competitors carrying? How does their in-store pricing compare to yours? We can answer these questions for you based on specific guidelines you create so you can get the exact information you need on a recurring basis. If you’re looking for specific details about what is being offered, a product and pricing competitor analysis from Reality Based Group can provide you with the strategic guidance you need to stay ahead of the game.

A Custom Solution for Every Client

RBG knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business, so we’ve designed custom programs to help you get the exact information you’re looking for. Find a custom competitive product/pricing analysis solution that works for you below:

Undirected Audits

What:  Find out exactly what products your competitors are carrying in their stores without them knowing a thing
Service: Collect in-store inventory, including UPC, competitor description, and price
Timeframe: 1-3 months

Directed Audits

What: Recurring pricing feed of your top selling SKUs gathered from in-store competitors around the nation on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis
Service: Collect in-store pricing data, based on a guided list of products set by you
Timeframe: Unlimited, recurring

Pricing Feed Subscription

What:  No-maintenance solution to monitor regional pricing, fed directly to your inbox each week
Service: Collect in-store pricing data, based on a guided list of products set by top sellers in your industry
Timeframe: Unlimited, recurring

Unilateral Pricing Audits

What:  Will your competitor cheat and sell below the manufacturer’s set price? Our auditors are skilled at negotiating sales below UPP
Service: In-store price negotiations attempted on products with set manufacturer pricing guidelines.
Timeframe: Unlimited, recurring

Custom Project

What: If you have a one-time project to complete, our auditors can gather information from any product at any store – whenever you need it.
Service: Customizable attributes collected in-store and formatted based on your needs
Timeframe: Varies

Why Choose RBG for Your Competitive Analysis?

Our mystery audits are dedicated to providing you with better actionable product and pricing insights from your competitors. Choosing Reality Based Group for a competitor product or price analysis has proven to help some of the largest companies in over 15 different industries make positive strategic decisions. Find out why RBG is the best competitive analysis company by seeing what one of our clients has to say about us below:

Get Started with Your Competitive Analysis from RBG

Learn what products your competitors are carrying, how they are pricing, and what strategies they use in their stores to stay ahead of the game with Real Check™ from RBG. Our strategic competitive pricing analysis and product audit solutions are made to provide you with the actionable insights you need from your competition to boost your overall results. Learn the ins and outs of your competition by contacting us today at 1-877-990-3456 or have one of our professional team members reach out to you by filling out our form.

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