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Simplifying the Delivery of Training Messages

Imagine a simple and efficient way to uniformly train all of your employees. At Reality Based Group, we develop effective and personalized sales and customer service training videos for your business. There are two factors that dictate the effectiveness of training: the accuracy of the data upon which the training strategy was created, and the way it’s delivered. Now, with In The Huddle™, Reality Based Group is by your side, ensuring that your training messages are delivered in a consistent, and effective manner. In The Huddle™ is a ground-breaking new reality-based training tool that is believable, unique, customizable, simple, and powerful. With it, we place an emphasis on creating a training curriculum in which all of your coaches deliver a uniform message to all employees.

A Turnkey Solution

Here at Reality Based Group, we collaborate with you to create training videos that suit your needs. We have the talent (actors), scriptwriters, production managers, directors, playbooks, and dashboards. Basically, we take care of the entire production for your corporate training videos, but the content is completely up to you. We offer a diverse variety of videos custom made to your specific needs. Once the video is completed, the finished product is delivered to you through the Reality Based Group online dashboard and can be easily accessed anywhere by online video streaming.

Visualize your organization breezing through customer service training by simply watching videos that clearly articulate your company’s business objectives and expectations. Imagine your store-based teams spending dedicated time each week discussing sales and customer service, and how to improve it. Conversions go up, retention goes up, and defection goes down. By implementing our training videos, your company could turn these visions into reality.

Why Choose Reality Based Group’s Business Training Videos?

For over two decades Reality Based Group has enhanced the customer experience and provided valuable insights for some of the most respected brands in the world through our customer service training videos. We also pride ourselves on our flexibility by working with a diverse array of businesses, from restaurants to insurance companies, Reality Based Group knows what it takes to improve your bottom line.

It all begins with the customer experience. From the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave, employees need to be trained on how best to interact with customers in order to create meaningful conversions. We at Reality Based Group provide a measurable difference by tailoring our videos to your exact company and the specific experience you want your customers to have. We take the time to listen to your expectations before developing your videos. Our workplace training videos offer strategic guidance that provide more accurate data and generate real results. We strive to first enhance the experience for your customers and in turn increase overall revenue for your business.

“K&N Management has been awarded the highest presidential honor for quality and excellence, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. We were selected for our cutting edges processes that are unique. We strongly believe that our relationship with Reality Based Group made this possible. Since the inception of the GameFilm® program, we have seen an increase in our guest satisfaction ratings. The program has become one of the most accurate measurement tools we use for cashier process adherence and hospitality. It has allowed us to implement full time “Replay” positions, which have continued to improve our measurement tools and processes. Reality Based Group is truly a world‐class organization. We will absolutely be continuing our partnership with them in the future and are happy to endorse their company and services without hesitation.”

Gini Quiroz
Director of Training

Enhance Your Training with Reality Based Group

Provide your employees with uniformed guidance to sufficiently elevate your customer service. Our custom training videos are guaranteed to provide workers strategic guidance on how to interact with consumers and develop trainable behaviors. Find out why our videos are top rated by filling out our form or get in touch with a professional Reality Based Group team member right now by calling us at 1-877-990-3456.

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