Manufacturer Mystery Shopping

What is Manufacturer Mystery Shopping?

Ever wondered where your product or company sits in the minds of the salespeople selling it? With manufacturer mystery shopping our expert shoppers can provide you with a full audit of how your brand is presented to consumers. Often, this process leads to the discovery that what you don’t know, can in fact hurt you. The results help you critically analyze the selling features of your product and how it is being marketed. With our strategic data, you are now able to take the necessary steps to provide guidance to salespeople so they have the tools to promote your product and enhance your brand’s image.

Selling Insight Process

At Reality Based Group, we take pride in being able to evaluate the manufacturers’ brand to help them become top-of-mind to the employees selling their product. When we send in our expert mystery shoppers, they question salespeople on which brand they recommend and why they love that brand. Shoppers then ask which brand they would next recommend and so forth. If your brand is not mentioned, they then ask about your specific brand, helping you to find out exactly what salespeople have to say about your product.

Through years of experience in brand auditing, we have found there can often be a disconnect between what manufacturers see as the top selling feature for their product and what the salespeople see as the top selling feature. Manufacturer mystery shopping with RBG erases that disconnect and allows you to find out exactly what salespeople see as important and why. The results then allow you to adjust accordingly.

Manufacturer Mystery Shoppers are Used to Evaluate:

  • Where Your Brand Ranks With Salespeople
    How long does it take salespeople to mention your product or do they even mention it all?
  • Why Salespeople Prefer Certain Brands
    Find out how preferable your brand is in the mind of salespeople.
  • Important Selling Features You Might Have Overlooked
    Maybe your marketing team is focusing on selling points that salespeople and consumers don’t necessarily see as important.
  • Identifying Selling Features Salespeople Love
    Find out what salespeople find as important or valuable and you can begin to capitalize on that.
  • How Your Brand Stacks Up to the Competition
    Get critical insights into what competitors are doing that salespeople see as beneficial compared to your brand.

Why Mystery Shop with Reality Based Group

Reality Based Group has over two decades of experience in mystery shopping and has provided valuable evaluations for some of the most respected brands in the world. For us, it all boils down to the customer experience. We believe that when their experience is enhanced, sales tend to follow suit. Since salespeople play a crucial role in the customer experience, it is only natural for a company to wonder what they are saying about your brand. Once the disconnect between the manufacturer and the salespeople is erased, your products important attributes can be seen more accurately by consumers.

Improve Your Brand with Mystery Shopping

Obtain valuable insights into what salespeople are really saying about your brand to consumers. Our brand evaluations are guaranteed to bridge the gap between your product and its distributors. Find out why our mystery shoppers are top rated by filling out our form or get in touch with a professional Reality Based Group team member right now by calling us at 1-877-990-3456.

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