Written Mystery Shopping

Some folks call it mystery shopping. We call it Mystery Shopping Plus, and it’s just another way we’re Evolving Customer Experience.

Objective Evaluations, Actionable Data

At Reality Based Group, our experience founding and fine-tuning the GameFilm® video mystery shopping process has equipped us with the tools to innovate in all facets of mystery shopping. This practice has made us experts in understanding what’s objective, quantifiable and trainable in any portion of a customer interaction. Our professionals at Reality Based Group use this expertise to create the best customized scorecards in the business, designed to deliver the real, actionable data that you need to gain real, measurable results.

A Higher Standard of Mystery Shopping

Not all evaluators are equal. As founding members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, Reality Based Group has access to all gold- and silver-certified evaluators worldwide. This select group of expert evaluators has undergone classroom and web-based training to acquire a better understanding of what it means to be a truly reactive, observant customer. This higher standard of secret shopper ultimately provides your business with more reliable and higher caliber data upon which you can make important customer service decisions. In addition, Reality Based Group features a database of over 280,000 written evaluators which is the largest database in the nation.

Better Shoppers, Better Training

Not only are our mystery shoppers superior, but so too is the way we train them. In addition to standard written guidelines provided by all other mystery shopping agencies, Reality Based Group goes the extra mile by offering audio and video guidelines to our evaluators. This process better prepares the visitors for their experience and strengthens their ability to offer real, objective and actionable data for your business to utilize and benefit from.

Demographic Filtering

Given the size of our database, we can provide a variety of demographic filtering processes (age, ethnicity, marital status, etc.) and customize our mystery shopping programs to your demographic needs. If you have a specific location that has a clientele comprised of specific demographic sub clusters, we are able to match our mystery shopping demographics to those of your clientele, providing an evaluator profile most closely resembling your current customer base.

Photo DNA Matching

Evaluation verification images (receipts, business cards, etc.) are automatically reviewed by our system for similarity to any other image in the database, utilizing millions of images of millions of mystery shopping evaluations conducted across the globe from a number of other providers. Similar images are flagged, starting a review of the entire evaluation for integrity purposes. This process ensures that our evaluators are completing the evaluations and uploading legitimate verification of completion and ensure that the data you receive is always 100% accurate.

Evaluator IRS Social Security Number Validation

With Reality Based Group, you won’t have to worry about the legitimacy of your data. This practice protects the integrity of your data, ensuring evaluators completing evaluations are who they say they are and preventing unscrupulous individuals from having more than one mystery shopping account.

Evaluator Rotation/Lockout

The process allows us to keep the “mystery” in Mystery Shopping Plus. An evaluator that is known by your associates as such will always receive stellar service, therefore it’s important to keep our undercover shoppers unnoticed. With our Evaluator Rotation and Lockout capabilities, you have the option to limit the frequency which an evaluator can visit any of your locations, as well as designate specific time frames in which they are allowed to evaluate your locations.

Team of Over 50 In-House Editors

Reality Based Group maintains a staff of over 50 professional editors whose sole job function is to review each completed mystery shopping evaluation for quality prior to delivery to our clients. This team reviews evaluations for consistency, legitimacy, and performs proofreading functions, ensuring that your delivered data reflects Reality Based Group’s commitment to actionable insights.

Our Clients Have Proven Results

Still not sure about how utilizing our quality evaluation programs can benefit your business? Maybe seeing how we’ve helped out our clients can prove it to you. Check out our case studies and find out how our superior program has brought many companies like yours the results they’ve been waiting for by putting an emphasis on their customer service.

Why Choose Reality Based Group for Your Mystery Shoppers?

Our tailored program solutions are uniquely designed for the specific needs of your business objectives, from the scorecards created to the professional evaluators deployed, each piece of our unique program is focused on providing you with the data you want in order to get results you need. In our experience of providing our innovative services for over 20 years, we have generated top performing programs for some of the largest companies in over 15 industries. If you’re looking for a trusted professional to support your customer experience needs, Reality Based Group is your solution. We’re ready to help.

Choose Reality Based Group for Your Mystery Shopper Services

Don’t wait any longer to get the data you need to make informed quality decisions. Our superior mystery shoppers are the best on the planet and can provide you with the necessary data to improve your customer service and overall results. Get in touch with a professional from Reality Based Group today and receive the quality services you’ve been searching for.

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