Online Mystery Shopping

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the most reliable and objective data in order to boost your online customer experience and achieve the results you’ve been waiting for.

You think your website is great and you’re more than aware that a lot of long hours went into creating it. And maintaining it. Your website may be the only way for your customers to make a purchase from you or it may simply be a gateway for your customers to learn more about your business and inquire about the services your business provides. But are you aware of what your end user’s actual experience is and how that first online experience can affect your website or business’ conversion rate?

Get an objective view of your true online experience with the online mystery shopping program we provide at Reality Based Group. By receiving a better understanding of how any visitor would use your website with our expert online mystery shoppers you can know exactly what your site users are thinking when they view your online brand. Our programs offer detailed customization in developing the right approach and engagement from our mystery shoppers when visiting your website in order to provide your online brand with the real, actionable data you can use to making the necessary adjustments you need to gain the online results you’ve been looking for.

How We Provide Accurate Data

It all starts with recruiting the best online mystery shoppers available to provide your online business with objective evaluations. As one of the founding members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, Reality Based Group has access to each Gold and Silver-Certified mystery shopper worldwide, which means your website experience is being evaluated not only by professionals, but by the highest certified shoppers in the industry. Following the selection of evaluators our program moves to the design of scorecards specific to measuring your company’s key online performance drivers. Following the scoring of your website experience all evaluations are double checked by our professional editors whose primary focus is to maintain accuracy in every submitted shopping evaluation, providing your website with more reliable and actionable data to improve your online experience, allowing you to make the changes you need to get more conversions from your website.


Gain Professional Online Insight

Our quality online mystery shops start with a full and detailed evaluation of not only your website, but also the ease of finding information on your site. Whether you have a chat feature, a contact form, or a different support feature, our mystery shoppers will tell you exactly how you’re doing in a way that allows you to make necessary adjustments to improve your results. What was the timeliness of the support offered, how long did it take to receive a response, what was the user experience like… these are all questions tackled by online mystery shoppers that help you get a better idea of where you’re succeeding and where you can make result driven improvements.

An Omni-Channel Approach

Our mystery online shopping program doesn’t stop with these questions. As we mentioned before, many companies with an online brand want to know exactly what happened next in the process of support offered by their website. Did someone actually follow up? What was the quality of support given? With Reality Based Group you won’t have to wonder how your customer facing experience is online with the detailed data we provide to you.

Often times, mystery shopping online is combined with another form of mystery shopping to evaluate more than just the initial website. A mystery shopper may purchase an item on your website and then go another step further by tracking how long the delivery took as well as if the correct item was received and providing you with the condition it was received in. Sometimes, the item may also be returned to a physical store to rate the ease of return for an online item. Online mystery shops can be used in many different ways to get a better idea of the effectiveness of your website.

Make Necessary Online Improvements

Following a completed evaluation of your online experience, the final step in our proven process is making the necessary adjustments to your site. With our detailed scorecards you get instant access to the information you need to improve your online customer experience. Action items from every evaluation provided by our team of professional shoppers can easily be forwarded within our online system to any manager or programmer within your business for quicker and improved results. Within our integrated dashboard, your team can easily review their action plans and timelines, as well as take note of the steps they took to improve their online performance.

Why Choose RBG to Boost Your Online Experience?

Our online shopping programs have supported the increase in customer satisfaction on some of the largest companies’ websites in over 15 different industries. Learn why Reality Based Group is the proven online mystery shopping company by listening to what one of our customers has to say about us below:

Improve Your Website Experience with Reality Based Group

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