Our Process

What’s the best part about our mystery shopping programs? They are based in reality.

We’ve spent the last 22 years carefully honing our customer experience solutions through countless hours of proven data. Where many mystery shopping companies have been satisfied, we’ve challenged the status quo, creating a truly unique experience improvement process. And while every situation is different, the process is usually composed of four parts.


1. Design

We take your program and scorecard design seriously. We apply our best practices combined with your unique goals and objectives to build your program to generate ROI. We utilize our smarter solutions to make sure your needs are being fulfilled by programs and scorecards constructed to focus on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors.

2. Evaluate

Encompassing many data collection methods, RBG can evaluate your business a number of ways. Whether it’s video mystery shopping or a pricing audit, RBG has access to the most qualified shopper database and trained professionals in the industry so you can count on the data you’re using for evaluation.

3. Report

Next, take a look at how you’re performing on the measurements highlighted in your program and scorecard design so you know how you’re meeting your goals. Use customized reports to easily identify areas for improvement and to set progressive objectives. Additionally, our online dashboard provides 24/7 access, real-time notification, and a suite of other tools.

4. Coach

Effective training delivery is just as important as accurate data, and it’s during the coaching phase that we equip you with your customized experience improvement game plan. For us, it’s all about the ability to take action and coach to improve with the data.


We believe in continuous improvement and emphasize a closed-loop process. We partner and collaborate with our clients to ensure our program is always matching the changing needs in today’s fast paced environments.

We believe strongly that you cannot manage what you don’t measure. However, you also need to make sure that what you measure is actionable. That is our true expertise.

We’re with you.

All along the way, you’ll be provided with coaches guides, videos, playbooks, manager game plans, as well as 24/7 access to our online dashboard and unlimited reports. Maybe best of all: we’re accessible. Every client is assigned a service team and one point of contact. If at any point you need to update something or speak with us, we’re available to you. We’re in the business of customer service, and the way we treat our customers is no exception.

mystery shopping benefits

Reality Based Group Program Features

Whether you’re interested in Mystery Shopping Plus, or Real Check, or any other mystery shopping programs, here are some common program features to keep in mind.

24/7 Access

Data is only as valuable as your ability to access it. View your evaluations, surveys, videos and reports at any time from any internet- connected device in the world.

Real-Time Notification

Stale data is just as damaging to your customer experience program as inaccurate data. You need to access it as soon as it’s available. Reality Based Group’s system notifies you via email the moment a delivered evaluation or customer survey is received. These real-time notifications can be tiered based on job function, subdivision, score threshold or any other criteria you set.

Tiered Access

With Tiered Access, you can rest assured that your information is kept on a need-to-know basis. Access is provided only to those individuals your selected representative designates, with access restrictions available. Don’t want a store manager getting into the weeds of doing enterprise- wide trending and forecasting? You can restrict each individual’s login to only that information which pertains directly to their job function.

Question Versioning by Location

Do you have locations that have different amenities or service programs from the rest? Implement Question Versioning to allow questions pertaining to those select amenities, to be visible only to mystery shoppers auditing those locations which have them.

Customized Reporting

From the macro to the micro, from location-based to survey-based, your analytics can be custom-delivered to you in virtually any way you want. Any new Reality Based Group reporting developments are delivered live to you at no additional charge, and custom development is always available for a nominal additional fee.

Automated & Supervised Quality Assurance and Fraud Protection

Our goal is to deliver real data that empowers action. To that end, we have developed a number of quality assurance fail safes to ensure your data is of the highest integrity.

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