Tailored audits, assessments, and inspections, at your fingertips.

Do you have manager audits to complete? Maybe you want to do a merchandising audit, or a competitive pricing audit? Well fasten your seatbelt, because all of that can be completed with Real Check.

Reality Based Group audits can be conducted with unprecedented customization and creativity in the development of the scripting, approach and engagement from our evaluators. With a dedicated account executive leading a team of people with over 50 years of industry experience, RBG will create numerous scenarios from which evaluators will choose to engage your locations. Furthermore, an RBG account executive will consistently monitor the results and make agreed upon adjustments throughout our partnership in order to maintain relevant, accurate data and to protect the anonymity of our evaluators.

In addition to our staple program features, Real Check provides for:

    • Facility condition assessment
    • Service Inspections
    • Quality Standard Inspections
    • Merchandising Audit
    • Inventory Audit
    • Competitive Price Checks
    • 180,000+ auditors
    • No hardware required
We Keep it Simple

Our customized audits will not only allow you to capture and collect your data more easily, this product will provide reporting that is actionable. Additionally, Audit Automation now makes it simple for multi levels of managers to touch and approve audits without manual processes. Whether it’s a weekly pricing audit of 500-2,000 items, or a manager audit of a location, Real Check has you covered. Our highly-trained auditors or your employees use the latest in both audio and picture capture technology to perform Real Check audits.

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