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For most people, perception is reality, and that’s never been more true than with today’s connected and empowered consumer, but do you know how to get accurate customer feedback? Whether you’re seeking insight on a new product offering or wanting a better understanding of your customers’ experience, companies everywhere are gaining smarter data through the use of customer surveys. Online surveys will help you get feedback from your customers, find new products and understand your reputation. With the correct survey implementation and by asking the right questions you’re now able to learn how your business is accurately perceived by your internal and external customers. Reality Based Group is ready to help you gain an insider view into how your stores are viewed from an individual customer level with Real Feedback™. With our quality customer feedback services, you get actionable data that helps you focus on making the necessary adjustments to improve your overall consumer experience, while increasing your customer and employee satisfaction.

The Most Powerful Survey on Planet Earth

Real Feedback™ is our evolution of the customer satisfaction survey, and it can shed light on how your business is perceived, both by its customers and its employees. Studying accurate customer feedback allows you to retain, delight, and improve your customers’ experience or to determine the reasons for defection. For over 20 years, Reality Based Group has been delivering Real Feedback™ surveys over the phone or on the web. These surveys can be customized to deploy via receipt, email, or direct mail.

These feedback surveys are designed to be more than just a way for customers to tell you what they think about your business. They are also an opportunity for employees to provide insights into how they can improve their jobs and make the company a better place to work.

When done correctly, you will gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are and why they do (or don’t) use your products or services. The results provide actionable information that can help you retain current customers while also helping you attract new ones.

Want to know what your customers think about your service? Or maybe how they think you stack up against the competition? Want to find out what your employees think of management? These are just a select few of many questions Real Feedback™ can answer.

Integrated Manager Action Plan/Coaching Review

While mystery shopping evaluations and customer survey services are the best tools for measuring fontline accountability, few mystery shopping companies extend these tools to your management teams. The concept of management accountability is not new, but it does require a shift in how some organizations operate. Most companies rely on quarterly reviews and feedback surveys as a way for managers to hold each other accountable for their teams’ performance. However, with Reality Based Group’s Manager Action Plan, you now have the ability to utilize these resources as a management accountability tool. Action items from each shop or survey can be forwarded within our system to any manager within your hierarchy. Within the integrated dashboard, managers can review their action plans and timelines, then document the steps they took to improve associate performance or replicate a success, allowing for complete transparency across any aspect of your organization.

When it Comes to Customer Surveys, Subjective Data is Good!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a proven method for collecting feedback from your customers. Its core strength is to determine how operations impact and influence a customer’s impression of a brand. In the past, this has been done by phone or mail, but now with the advent of online surveys it’s easier than ever to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

The core strength of customer satisfaction surveys is to determine how operations impact and influence a customer’s impression of a brand. Unlike the objective, actionable focus of Mystery Shopping Plus or GameFilm®, the objective of customer surveys is to collect subjective data. The information obtained through these feedback surveys can be used to drive business strategy, improve the customer experience and make changes that will increase customer retention.

Objectivity is not a strength of customer surveys, given the numerous factors that can contribute to factual inaccuracy (delay between experience and survey completion, incorrect experience recollection, motivation of survey-taker, etc). From a strategic perspective, customer survey questions can provide indicators as to which operational practices most influence customer impression and loyalty and where opportunities for improvement lie within those practices.

Are you ready to put the most powerful survey on the planet to work for you?

Like Most Other Reality Based Group Solutions, These Staple Features Are Included with Real Feedback:

  • Actionable Data on Experiences:
    Everything recorded on our surveys is always accurate and our data provides you with actionable insight into your consumer and employee experience, allowing you to take the necessary steps to solve problems and start seeing results.
  • 24/7 Accessibility:
    Have access to your survey results at any time of the day and from any location on your Reality Based Group online dashboard.
  • Mobile Friendly:
    Get the data you need on the go and from any device with your mobile friendly dashboard.
  • Real-time Notification:
    Receive notifications and updates on your customer and employee feedback as they happen in-real time, there’s no waiting with Reality Based Group.
  • Tiered Access:
    Provide your management team with the access they require to receive the data they need on a tiered level.
  • Question Versioning by Location:
    Set up your feedback surveys to acquire geo-specific data based on the store locations they are from.
  • Customized Reporting and Statistics:
    Easily measure your team’s results with your personalized dashboard. Get access to the necessary reporting and statistics you need to make critical improvements.
  • Automated and Supervised Quality Assurance and Fraud Protection:
    Only receive real data that empowers action from surveys that implement a number of quality assurance fail safes to ensure your data is of the highest integrity.
Why Choose Reality Based Group for Your Customer Survey Services?
Get Your Customer Feedback from Reality Based Group

The ability to understand what your customers want from their experience with your business is critically important for any organization seeking growth or improvement. While many companies focus on simply asking for feedback, we know that there are better ways of getting this information so that it can actually be used effectively.

The best customer survey services and feedback surveys can provide you with a concrete understanding of how your customers and employees view your stores.

Be provided with a concrete understanding of how your customers and employees view your stores with the best customer survey services available. Through our unique Real Feedback™ program you receive surveys designed to provide actionable insights into how individuals view your brand and the most accurate data that allows you to make necessary improvements to boost your internal and external customer satisfaction and gain even larger results. Find out what your customers really think by contacting Reality Based Group today at 1-877-990-3456 or you can have one of our professional team members contact you by filling out our online form.

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