Phone Mystery Shopping

We pride ourselves on our integrity and non-negotiable promise to deliver believable, accurate and actionable results.

Reality Based Group realized early on that good, trustworthy customer relations often begins with that initial call a prospective customer makes to a business. Much like a first impression made during a first-time in-person meeting, the image your customer forms of your business frequently starts with a phone call. A satisfying telephone call from your business is the key to the successful sale of your products and services. This is why Reality Based Group created a program that includes highly trained telephone mystery shoppers coupled with advanced recording technology that has continued to help thousands of our clients achieve and maintain that cutting edge over their competition and get the results they’ve been looking for.

With Reality Based Group you’re not limited, our Phone Mystery Shopping programs can be set up as either a stand-alone evaluation or in conjunction with an on-site mystery shopping evaluation, providing you with the capability to receive the best data possible in order to build a seamless customer experience for your business. We offer unprecedented customization and creativity in the development of the scripting, approach and engagement from our mystery shoppers so you generate the highest quality and most detailed data to enhance your customer service.

How Telephone Mystery Shopping Should Be

Our comprehensive telephone mystery shop begins with the proper recruitment of expert evaluators in order to deliver the highest quality telephone mystery shoppers when conducting your company’s evaluations. Our quality extends through our design and creation of detailed scorecards that measure the key performance drivers of your business. Evaluations are double checked by our professional editors whose sole function is to check for accuracy in each completed shopping evaluation. This results in more reliable and actionable data for improving your customer service and helping your business acquire the results you’ve been waiting for.

Robust, Skilled Shopper Database

As a founding member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, RBG maintains access to all Gold and Silver-Certified phone mystery shoppers worldwide. These are the highest certifications a shopper can receive in the industry, providing you with the most experienced and professional evaluators available.

Scoring Criteria

Two decades have afforded us unrivaled experience in designing proven scorecards and coaching guides that identify and correct field-level retention and revenue driving behaviors within your team. Reality Based Group account executives will work closely with your team in order to create the most actionable scoring criteria possible. This will be done by using your company’s prescribed steps of sales and service along with industry best practices, expert opinions and top level experience only available with Reality Based Group.

Coaching & Continuous Improvement

After a phone mystery shopping evaluation has been completed by one of our professional evaluators, the final step in the process is the coaching and training aspect of your team, which is where GamePlan comes in. With GamePlan, you now have the ability to utilize the resources provided to you as a management accountability tool. Action items from each evaluation or survey can quickly and easily be forwarded within our system to any manager within your hierarchy for faster and better results. Within the integrated dashboard, your managers can review their action plans and timelines, then document the steps they took to improve associate performance or replicate a success, allowing for complete transparency across any aspect of your organization.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Flowchart

Online Dashboard & Reporting Features

  • Enhanced Scripting & Scoring: With our online dashboard you can easily review scripting and scoring based on your specific brands and business locations.
  • Unlimited Logins: Our tiered system allows an unlimited number of logins so anyone in your company can easily access our dashboard from any location.
  • Results Delivered Alongside All RBG Products: All mystery shopping scores and reports are delivered through the same customized dashboard as all of our other high quality mystery shopping products.
  • Advanced Customization: Each phone evaluation survey and report for your business is fully customizable in order to provide you with the data you need to get the results you require.
  • Enhanced Categorization: Our dashboard provides the ability to receive evaluation surveys divided into major categories based on your business needs and for all reporting to reflect these categories for a better experience.
  • Email Automation: Get instant data the moment a mystery shop has been completed by receiving automatic email triggers.
  • Trigger Customization: Customize your email triggers based on a specific score threshold, subdivision, access tier, or numerous other criteria that supports what you want to know as it happens in real time.
  • Detailed Evaluations: Each evaluation you receive is delivered directly to you with information regarding the time, date, evaluated employee names along with an embedded file ready for playback or download.
  • Easy Report Access: Your customized dashboard includes reporting tools that allow for easy access to reports when you need them.

Make Your First Impression a Lasting One

Enhance your customer experience by working with the best phone mystery shopping company available. Our proven mystery shopping programs have been designed to provide you with the necessary data to improve your customer service and boost your overall results. Find out what your customers’ first phone call experiences could sound like by contacting us at 1-877-990-3456 or you can have one of our professional Reality Based Group team members contact you by filling out our form.

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