Reality Based Group’s training programs are at the core of everything we’re about – action. Remember if the data collected is not actionable, do we even need to collect it? 

Our training tools allow you to do what you do best, run your business. Utilize these best practice programs to generate great results and ensure consistency in messaging.

RBG Training Programs:

In The Huddle™ 

RBG develops hyper-focused, reality-based training videos designed around your unique steps of service. 

These videos help guarantee consistency in messaging to your frontline managers and frontline employees.

It’s a reality-based training tool that is believable, unique, customizable, simple, and powerful. It also resonates with today’s generation. 

It allows your team to focus on running things and performing their best. 

So how exactly does it work?

RBG collaborates with you to create tailored, hyper-focused training videos. We have the actor talent, scriptwriters, production managers, directors, playbooks, and dashboards. The finished product can be run through any Internet connected device, including iPads, tablets and phones. The training can literally happen anytime, anywhere.

Quick Stats:
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Customized, online dashboard
  • Browser based training platform, no hardware or software to install
  • 20+ custom reports
  • Reality-based, believable process
  • Customized playbooks to coach the coach
  • Consistent communication

Consider how many hours per week your store-based teams spend on sales and customer service training. Now imagine if your company’s messages and training were being delivered.

Your organization could execute your plays like never before. Your store-based teams could dedicate time each week to discussing sales and customer service as well as how to improve it. Conversions go up, retention goes up and defection goes down. 

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GamePlan & Coach’s Guide:

Training and coaching is part of every program we offer at RBG. Any solution, from a video mystery shop to a customer survey, can be used with RBG’s proprietary GamePlan & Coach’s Guide.

The Coach’s Guide walks the coach step by step through facilitating a coaching session. GamePlan is the documentation and accountability piece of that coaching session. By making coaching and training an integral part of any program we design we take it into account through each stage of our closed loop system. 

GamePlan & Coach’s Guide can be customized to fit your company’s culture, but the basic design is to get your team talking about the behaviors that matter most – revenue-driving behaviors or customer retaining behaviors. It is this focus on training and coaching that closes the loop of the RBG design and allows your team to take action. Additionally, the science behind our approach to training and coaching guides the leader of a session through moderating a team discussion rather than simply instructing. In effect, team members subconsciously commit themselves to improvement. This approach is how our plan is structured and how it delivers results. 

GamePlan & Coach’s Guide is built directly into our system so there’s no additional software or hardware needed to execute training. 

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Here is a sample screen shot:

EXAMPLE – GamePlan + Coach’s Guide

Executive Coaching with GameFilm®:

RBG provides executive training sessions centered on GameFilm® at select top and bottom markets to identify areas of opportunity and establish a reality-based view the entire board room can agree on. 

Designed for companies not ready for the full reality-based training program, but looking to take a strategic first look first at activity in the field. It can help answer some of the following questions:

  • How effective is my current training program?
  • How effective is my current field leadership?
  • Why does one area/region/district outperform another?
  • How are we executing on our top revenue-driving behaviors?
  • What do my customers see when they visit my locations?

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On Site Training:

Our expert trainers lead your team through exercises to create your luxury hospitality vision and culture. 

This quarterly on-site or web-based training can be stand alone or tied to your current customer experience program.

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