Valet Parking Mystery Shopping

Valet Parking Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

That illusive parking spot. We’ve all been there. Search, frustrated, sometimes downright angry. Valet. Just the word alone can take the edge off. Whether you provide valet parking to a boutique hotel, a luxury resort or a state-of-the-art medical center, Reality Based Group can help ensure your customers’ experience is as satisfying as valet during a downpour. Our mystery shopping services & programs are tailored to meet your needs, created to deliver both ROI and achieve your specific objectives. The customer experience you provide is essential to staying ahead of your competition. In fact, you can bet their investing in it too. So partner with the industry expert RBG and let our powerful solutions like valet parking mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, audits and more take you to the top.

Valet Parking Insights & Solutions

Why collect data if it’s not going to work for you? At RBG, we ask the right questions and collect data rooted in revenue-driving and actionable behaviors with our valet parking mystery shopping services. Customized audits also help you maintain relevant, accurate data as you implement strategic operations and procedures.

  • GameFilm – Video Mystery Shopping
    Seeing truly is believing with the original video mystery shopping solution as invented by our Founder.
  • Mystery Shopping Plus – Written Mystery Shopping
    Trained valet parking mystery shoppers objectively report their experiences based on your uniquely developed scorecard.
  • Real Check
    No matter the type, we’ve got you covered with Real Check™.
  • Real Feedback
    Delve into the subjective with our evolved customer and employee surveys.
  • Additionally, any of our solutions can be combined as necessary to fit your needs.
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Why Choose RBG Over Other Valet Parking Mystery Shoppers?

With more than twenty years of experience in valet parking mystery shopping, you can count on RBG to get you results. Our winning approach is founded in this experience and means we know exactly what will work for you. Each program is tailored to you and designed as a closed loop process, making your actual goals central to each and every step.

Delight your customers, drive revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase profit through RBG’s valet park mystery shopping solutions. We give the tools and guidance to succeed, from concentrating on actionable behaviors to employee training and coaching. We are RBG and we want to evolve your customer experience today.

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