Virtual Reality

Is your business utilizing the latest technology to give your team an advantage? Virtual reality and 360 videos are here and can enhance your business in several ways, including optimizing the training processes and improving customer satisfaction. 

If you want to stay current with the latest technology, don’t ignore the virtual reality movement. Businesses and industries of all types from across the world are already utilizing this advanced technology. 

Don’t let your team fall behind. 

Reality Based Group is the leader in creating advanced virtual reality training programs custom-designed to meet your business’s specifications and your team’s needs. Contact the team today for a free consultation. 

How does virtual reality work?

Virtual reality training is a fully immersive experience. It allows the user to experience fun and interesting real-life scenarios in 360-degrees.  

The user puts on a lightweight headset and is fully immersed in a digital landscape encompassing their entire field of view. When the user moves their head, they can look in any direction and interact with the program’s environment. 

The environment that VR programs create feels real, and users come away from the experience feeling better prepared. 

RBG utilizes actors to make the programs as realistic as possible. The Reality Based Group team offers actors, but when possible, we like to team with your employees to create your training modules. That encourages “buy-in” from the people that matter the most — your dedicated team. 

What equipment is needed to use virtual reality?

At one time, VR set-ups were expensive and required dedicated space. They were expensive with bulky headsets that needed to be connected to a computer with enough power to run the programs.  

That is no longer the case. 

Now, all that is required is an affordable headset (no computer needed) easily procured from local retailers or online. 

The RBG team recommends Oculus because it is easy for anyone to use, but training can be developed for any headset. 

The VR programs can even be run without a headset, for example, on a smartphone or computer, albeit without the same level of immersiveness that a headset provides. 

Today, the entire VR headset setup is more affordable than ever with a variety of pricing options available.  Our team can help guide you to the right equipment for your needs. 

How does virtual reality improve the customer experience?

The focus at Reality Based Group is to find new ways to improve the customer experience. The VR / 360 is one of the tools in our customer service improvement arsenal.  

Imagine having the ability to show a prospective customer your team, your locations, and your value using 360-degree VR video right on your website. 

For example, a real estate company could let customers tour houses and locations using VR technology. That allows the buyer to view more properties to find the exact house they are looking for. 

Virtual Reality Perfects the Training Process

Virtual reality is a perfect tool to train and develop your employees. The RBG video team can create training videos that display your office or production operational procedures. That makes virtual reality training exceptional for your new hires as well. 

Studies show that VR is more effective than traditional training methods. 

Traditional training sessions are long and boring. Alternatively, VR training makes the entire process fun and exciting. Furthermore, virtual reality is so effective that it decreases the total amount of training time, saving your business money in the long run. 

The immersive nature of VR training allows for greater memory recall and fewer follow-up coaching sessions. It can add excitement to your training program while providing real ROI on time and impact.

VR training is especially effective with generations like millennials and Generation Z because the gamified training really appeals to new young employees. 

These generations of workers grew up with video games, so VR already has an appeal for them. If your business is looking to attract a younger workforce, virtual reality is essential. 

Example of Training With VR

You are probably wondering how virtual reality training actually works in the real workplace. Here is a specific example from a client who recently worked with our team at RBG.

The client had recently been dealing with customers who were irate or upset, and their customer service team had been struggling with these situations. The business owner called us and asked if we had a training solution for this scenario. 

We recommended adding VR to the company’s training program. Our team got to work creating a virtual reality program where trainees interacted with upset customers in a variety of virtual scenarios. 

With each decision the user makes, the program reacts differently. Therefore, it responds just like a real customer. 

After implementing the virtual reality component to their training program, the business owner has seen a marked improvement in the team’s customer service. 

VR improves the training process for:

  • New hires
  • Management
  • Human resources (streamlining the talent acquisition and interview process)
  • Company culture and inclusivity 

Virtual reality is also perfect for individuals interviewing with your company or business.

It allows you to show off your location without having to fly in potential hires from across the country. With VR, your potential hires can explore your worksite from the comfort of their own home. 

What types of businesses and organizations can use virtual reality?

The types of businesses and organizations currently using VR to improve their training and processes are virtually endless. Examples include:

  • Construction and electricians — safety training
  • Customer service
  • Schools, colleges, and universities — tours, orientation, etc. 
  • Police, fire, EMS — learning how to deal with high-stress situations
  • Real Estate — virtually showing houses and apartments 

Virtual reality training is also an excellent tool for hospital or hospice settings. Programs specifically created for nurses and other caretakers can help medical teams better empathize with the hardships patients are going through.

What other benefits does VR training provide?

You already know that virtual reality training is more engaging and leads to better outcomes. But did you know it also saves your business money?

By utilizing VR technology, your team will need fewer managers overseeing the training process. With virtual reality, there is no longer a need for slow and boring full-day training sessions.

Virtual reality training can be used anywhere in the world. No longer will you have to fly employees from across the country to a single location for a training session. Instead, the VR system brings the training directly to them. 

This exciting new technology is available right now. Virtual reality is the training modality of the future. Don’t let your team get behind by not utilizing this advanced technology. 

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