Under Armour



The Problem

Under Armour’s vision statement is “to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.” This vision statement lives every day in the experience of their customers. Knowing they needed a change, UA sought RBG to help improve their customer experience and inspire their associates to even greater heights.

The Challenge: Under Armour had been developing unique and strategic training protocols and rolling them out to the field with mixed results. UA needed not only a way to fine-tune the operation, but to know with certainty how ‘sticky’ the new training investment was working. Questions were going unanswered such as:

1.  At what rate were associates executing the new training protocols?

2. How did they impact the customer experience?

3. How does this correlate to overall store performance?


The Solution

RBG and Under Armour developed a GameFilm® program to answer these critical questions. This particular solution would allow UA to view their employees in action and gain insight on how to specifically target improvements.

With time of the essence, GameFilm® would be the quickest path to success. After capturing the footage, Under Armour was able to see exactly what their issues were, the rate of execution, and how the CX was impacted.

Better yet, management could now agree on where to specifically coach their teams and was able to understand why individual teams were struggling with specific aspects of the customer experience.


The Results

It worked and it worked fast. In only 4 months, Under Armour’s:

Overall company customer experience score improved by 15%
Employee knowledge of products increased by 10.44%
Greeting & Thanking Customers were up 23% and Cash wrap improved by 170%

By being able to physically see what their employees were doing, Under Armour management was able to work more closely with their teams and keep them involved in the process.

GameFilm® allowed Under Armour to execute quick adjustments while empowering UA with a continuous improvement tool based in reality.

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