Non-Profit Mystery Shopping

Non-Profit Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

Whether you’re for profit or non profit, if you have customers, you need to be focused on the kind of customer experience you’re delivering. At Reality Based Group, we believe customer experience to be the last differentiator left that you can use improve customer retention and loyalty. Each program we design is uniquely tailored to fit your needs and objectives, so you can rest assured we’re on the same page as you every step of the way. Using solutions like written mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and more, we help you both discover new customers and continue delighting the tried and true.

Non-Profit Insights & Solutions

Any non profit mystery shopping company can collect data, but it takes the experience and expertise of a partner like RBG to collect the right data – the data that’s going to work for you. Improve your customers’ experience today with our closed loop approach focusing on continuous improvement through clear and objective training and coaching towards actionable behaviors.

Why Choose RBG over other Non Profit Mystery Shoppers?

We have more than twenty years of experience in non profit agency mystery shopping services and this type of experience has not only given us the expertise to know how you should be measuring your customer experience, but how exactly you go about improving that experience based upon those measurements. Any mystery shopping company can provide you data. With RBG, though, you know the data you’re honing in on is based in actionable behaviors that easily flow into employee training and coaching thus driving results.

We like nothing more than seeing the success of our partners. In fact, we recognize our success is only possible with your success. We want to give you the solutions and tools to get the most out of your non profit customer experience program. Our company has provided mystery shopping services for non profit companies for many years and knows what it takes to help improve your business. We are RBG and we want to help you evolve your customer experience today.