We don't tell you what you want to hear—we tell you what you need to hear.

Knowing what your customers want and expect from their experience with your business can be the difference between a thriving, growing business and going out of business.

That’s why we are fanatical about developing market research tools that give you real data and actionable steps to boost your internal and external customer satisfaction results.


Real Feedback™ is our evolution of the customer satisfaction survey, and it can shed light on how your business is perceived, both by its customers and its employees. Studying accurate customer feedback allows you to retain, delight, and improve your customers’ experience or to determine the reasons for defection.

For over 25 years, Reality Based Group has been delivering Real Feedback™ surveys over the phone and online. These feedback surveys are designed to be more than just a way for customers to tell you what they think about your business. They are also an opportunity for employees to provide insights into how they can improve their jobs and make the company a better place to work.

When done correctly, you will gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are and why they do (or don’t) use your products or services. The results provide actionable information that can help you retain current customers while also helping you attract new ones.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a proven method for collecting feedback from your customers. Its core strength is to determine how operations impact and influence a customer’s impression of your business. The information obtained through these feedback surveys can be used to drive business strategy, improve the customer experience and make changes that will increase customer retention. From a strategic perspective, customer survey questions can provide indicators as to which operational practices most influence customer impression and loyalty and where opportunities for improvement lie within those practices. These surveys are easy to execute and can be deployed in a variety of ways. But, regardless of the method—the data received is real and the insights are actionable.

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