Mystery Shopping Opportunities

No matter what type of shop you prefer, we have mystery shopping opportunities for you. With over two decades delivering solutions to over 15 industries, we have a large variation of mystery shopping opportunities.  Whether it’s in retail, restaurant, healthcare, veterinary, dental, manufacturing, property management, home building, insurance, automotive, non-profit, or government, we can have you shopping with some of the best: 

Retail Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Imagine shopping for your favorite items and being paid for the experience! RBG has retail mystery shopping opportunities waiting for you. You can choose from specialty stores that sell shoes, music and videos, high-end gifts, home building supplies and décor, bicycles, mattresses and liquor, among others. If you’re a bargain hunter, RBG has many second hand charity-based shops that need your evaluation. Most shops reimburse a preset purchase amount plus pay you a fee for your time. That’s almost like shopping with a gift card!

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Restaurant Mystery Shopping Opportunities

With RBG’s diverse list of restaurant mystery shopping opportunities, you can eat fairly free from breakfast through dinner—and even treat yourself to a cocktail here and there! Casual dining shops range from tacos served from breakfast through late night to satisfy whenever the craving grabs you, as well as pizza, burger, and specialty sweet shops. For a night out on the town, shop a steakhouse or cozy bistro venue where RBG will pick up the dinner tab as well as treat you and your guest to a beer, glass of wine or cocktail.

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Bank Mystery Shopping Opportunities

With our bank mystery shopping opportunities, we have you covered. Whether you only use your bank for simple teller transactions or trust them to finance your home and manage your investments, customer service is king. RBG gives you a scenario and persona to pose as a bank customer to evaluate everything from teller and bank officer knowledge and customer service to facility amenities. Opportunities exist for existing bank customers to non-customers, so there’s always a mystery shopping bank job you qualify for.

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Phone Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Ever have that daydream of sitting on your couch in your jammies or well-worn sweats and making money without ever leaving the comfort of home? Dream no more: RBG can make that fantasy a reality. Our phone mystery shopping opportunities cover a wide range of industries who want to keep their phone communications as high quality as possible. All you do is record the call via RBG software built right into the shopping report, evaluate and rate the experience, and that’s it. Select shops sometimes require follow-up visits (such as take-out food shops) but plenty let you relax in your easy chair for the entire experience.

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Automotive Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Ever cruise by an auto showroom and think how much fun it would be to test drive one of those shiny new cars? Sure, anyone with a driver’s license can do that, but most people don’t unless they’re actually car shopping. RBG sweetens the scenario by paying you to pose as a potential buyer. Our Auto Dealer mystery shopping opportunities range from used to new cars and some require phone calls and online communications. Service shops let you get your oil changed or have a tune-up for next to nothing, or shop for tires for a set payment, no purchase required. Your car can be properly maintained with minimal out-of-pocket expense for you.

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Insurance Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Protecting your precious belongings against damage or loss through insurance gives you peace of mind and lets you sleep better. RBG’s insurance mystery shops offer opportunities to explore rates and terms and evaluate customer service for a wide range of insurance services including coverage for autos, motorcycles, RVs, boats, home, fine jewelry and commercial property. You may have to assess an agency through a telephone interaction, in-person visit, or a combination of the two. Added bonus to shop payment: you’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry and may find a better plan at cost savings!

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Apartment Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Ever drive by an apartment community and wonder what’s beyond that grove of trees and iron gate? RBG has apartment mystery shopping assignments across the country that let you satisfy your curiosities. Posing as an eager, potential tenant, you set up an appointment by phone, visit and tour the property and amenities, and appraise the performance and professionalism of the rental manager/agent. Have fun making up where you work, why you’re moving, your marital status, how many kids you have – you can even pretend you have a truckload of new designer furniture to decorate your “new home”!

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Valet Parking Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Even if you love to drive, you probably don’t enjoy the challenge of parking when you reach your destination. RBG’s valet mystery shopping opportunities afford you the luxury of pulling up to a posh hotel, major medical facility, or upscale restaurant and letting the valet park your car for you. Armed with a simple scenario, all you have to do is kill a little time, retrieve your vehicle, and return home to complete your report. Be alert so you can provide concise details about the valet’s demeanor, adherence to company policy, and speed and satisfaction of service.

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Veterinary Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Keeping our furry friends healthy, bright-eyed and lively is as important to most pet owners as their own health. Between the costs of vaccines, vitamins, general maintenance such as flea prevention/treatment, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and unexpected health problems, veterinary care can run into thousands of dollars. RBG has veterinary secret shopping assignments across the nation that can help offset costs. These RBG clients are top line veterinary clinics that will treat your pet with kindness and provide the best care and guidance available anywhere. Take your own cat or dog or that of a loved one.

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Grocery Store Mystery Shopping Opportunities

More than ever before, stretching your grocery shopping dollars is a necessity to feed your family. A great way to give your food budget more bangs for your bucks is mystery shopping RBG’s grocery store clients. You’ll typically be assigned several different specialty departments to analyze for sales and service, as well as evaluate the condition of the parking lot, retail environment and restrooms, and report on your checkout experience. Grocery shops generally reimburse the shopper for a specified amount for the grocery purchase as well as add an extra payment for their time. Bon appetit!

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Video Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Sometimes assessing business interactions requires more than human observation and reporting to confirm minute aspects under review. RBG’s video mystery shoppers take sleuthing to a new level by wearing hidden video recording devices during assignments. The top reasons for this type of shop are training purposes, measuring sales skills, determining honesty levels, getting a clearer customer perspective of service, gauging adherence to company policies, and aiding in litigation protection. You’ll find shopping opportunities in this category for apartment complexes, franchises, automobile sales and rentals, new home builder sales offices, hotels, upscale retailers, and gyms and health clubs.

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Written Mystery Shopping Opportunities

RBG has thousands of written mystery shopping jobs from coast to coast in almost every category, so you’re sure to find a niche that matches your interests. All you need are keen observation skills, a reliable and discreet way to take notes, and a dedication to objectivity in assessing physical surroundings and employee performance. Some assignments require taking a picture on your cell phone and/or uploading a receipt to your online report as proof of your visit. Written mystery shops are the perfect opportunities for new shoppers to learn about report layouts and sharpen their writing skills.

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Audit Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Although they sound complex, RBG’s audit mystery shopping opportunities only require the same attention to detail needed for other assignments. You may be required to evaluate if food and beverage service standards comply with company guidelines, or if tobacco and alcohol is being sold only to non-minors. Other assignments require sticker or display price checking to ensure compliance with vendor standards, or evaluating shelf placement or promotional displays for conformity, many of which require inconspicuously taking photos while shopping. Retail environments like restaurants, bars, and grocery and convenience stores are the most common scenarios for these shops.

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Convenience Store Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Offset the cost of typically high-priced items in convenience stores by earning money while you’re there. RBG’s convenience store mystery shopping jobs may only require determining if a specific product’s shelf placement is compliant, if banners and POP displays are properly displayed, if the product is well stocked, and if expiration dates on perishable goods are within guidelines. Other assignments may include evaluation of the store premises and employee performance as well.

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Home Builder Mystery Shopping Opportunities

New home sales is one of the country’s most competitive marketplaces, as well as the largest and most important purchase many people make in their lives. RBG’s home builder mystery shopping clients need to achieve and maintain their competitive edge, so these assignments require you to pose as a prospective home buyer and assess the agent’s presentation, demeanor, and sales/marketing skills. The assignments usually require an initial phone call to rate the agent’s first impression, followed by a property visit for a full-blown tour of the home and amenities, including discussion of structural options and availability.

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Hotel Mystery Shopping Opportunities

No matter how good your life is, most people fantasize from time to time about just “getting away from it all” for a day or two. RBG’s hotel shops let you “live the dream” by footing the bill for a night or two at a nice hotel near your home or during a vacation excursion to a number of US cities and even pay you a bit for your time. The hotel shopping reports require details on your experience from making the reservations through checkout and you get to kick back and relax without spending a dime.

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Competitive Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Retailers and service providers typically know their top contenders. Many RBG clients not only want to know how their own stores and employees are performing but are curious what their rivals are doing to remain viable and profitable, a practice called competitive mystery shopping.

Competitive mystery shopping is challenging and rewarding. The scenario you create has to be believable and flexible enough to easily adjust as the sales presentation twists and turns and new questions are asked by the associate. The picture you paint of the salesperson is vital to the client’s assessment of how their sales can be increased.

Competitive mystery shopping is not only fun, it’s educational. Even if you’re not currently in the market for what you’re “shopping” for, you may use what you’ve learned for future purchases or share your knowledge with a friend or family member to help them make a wise decision.

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Storage Unit Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Just a few decades ago, storage units were used mostly to safeguard antiques, vintage cars, and furniture displaced by selling family homes. But as the social landscape evolved and people all across the country seem to be in perpetual movement, the need for short and long time storage of personal belongings has exploded. RBG’s storage unit mystery shoppers help the owners of these businesses keep abreast of the competition through posing as potential renters. They present varied scenarios, evaluate the conditions of the property and units, assess the agents’ customer service skills, and answer storage related questions.

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Healthcare Mystery Shops Opportunities

RBG has healthcare mystery shopping opportunities that reward you with discounted visits. Other healthcare shops subsidize payments for allergy medications or flu shots so you can keep yourself well without breaking your budget. If your pet is under the weather or needs shots, sign up for an RBG pet clinic shop and keep Fluffy or Fido strong and fit for pennies on the dollar.

Property Management Mystery Shops Opportunities

Movies and TV shows often portray savvy business tycoons leisurely shopping for property to house their next venture to add even more value to their portfolios. When you shop one of RBG’s property management companies, you actually get paid to portray one of those moguls. You’ll get specific guidelines on what questions to ask, appropriate objections to be made, and how to fairly evaluate the property manager’s performance. All you need to do is dress for the part and exude the confidence of a successful developer/investor, complete a detailed report, and reap the monetary rewards.

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