Mystery Shopping


Cal’s Convenience Stores take great pride in their products and services.  They want their customers to be fully satisfied when visiting one of their convenience storesshelves stocked, stores clean, and employees ready to help.

Like many of our clients, COVID-19 created a multitude of obstacles. Cal's was seeing inconsistent customer satisfaction surveys and a high employee turnover rateleaving leadership in a state of flux.  They decided to take a deeper look into their customer satisfaction levels and employee engagement to better understand the cause behind the challenge.

Bottom linethey wanted to bring Customer Experience back to the forefront of their employees' minds in order set it as a top priority for the company once again.

We know when CX suffers, customer satisfaction and revenue are quick to follow.



RBG designed a three-step plan for Cal’s using Gamefilm® to uncover the reality of their in-store CX. 

First, we renewed Cal’s focus on the overall shop score. We gave stores, employees, and managers a defined goal to work towards. We knew when the benchmarks were met, the overall shop score would increasehaving a goal in mind is always motivation for success.

Second, we invested in coaching, training, and reinforcing behaviors that would drive up customer satisfaction and the overall shop score. Employees are only as strong as the tools they are given to succeed. We customized a coaching and training plan for Cal’s that would guarantee that success.

Third, we created a certificate for achieving a 100% shop score. If increasing the shop score was the goal, we wanted stores to know that this achievement would be honored and celebrated. This “visual” of excellence was displayed within the store and created enthusiasm amongst employees for a job well done.  



Cal’s saw a 9% increase in a single quarter in their overall shop scoretaking it from 79% to 86%

But what does that number really equate to? We'll tell you. Improving shop scores means improving the overall quality of service, which directly impacts your bottom line and differentiates you from the competition.

We have all the data to prove that a happy customer spends more money, and shops more often. Therefore, stores with content customers will continue to see repeat business and higher revenue.

Simultaneously, we saw that recognizing that employees are the main instrument for the achieved success had a direct effect not only on their happiness but also on levels of customer satisfaction.  

Bringing Customer Experience back to the forefront of their business and re-engaging their employees had an obvious and positive impact on their bottom line.

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